Watch: Travel to AlUla with David Guetta’s epic live set

And it’s nothing short of incredible…

EDM legend David Guetta is no stranger to Saudi Arabia. A few days ago, he dropped a teaser on his Instagram about what his new collaborative project with AlUla could be.

And last night, it was revealed that Guetta has recorded an hour-long set at the ancient city of the Saudi Arabian desert. Aptly named “The Monolith”, it is a full, state-of-the-art visual production organised in partnership with Film AlUla.


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Hailed for his ability to craft one-of-a-kind live performances, of course, Guetta is breaking out the lights and production visuals to make the set feel as close to a festival experience as possible while he floats on a black custom stage built near the Maraya.

The design impresses rather than overpowers the cinematic landscape, and the off-the-scale experience works with AlUla and highlights its beauty.

Now, desert raves are one thing (think Azimuth and Kokub in AlUla), but this hypnotic live set, breathtakingly shot from the air, is an epic performance that would change the face of EDM in the Kingdom.

Guetta wrote on his Instagram, “I’ve been keeping it a secret for a few weeks now. I recorded a special set in a magical place steeped in history, which some consider as being one of the wonders of the World: AlUla.”

He added, “Bringing such an ambitious production, “The Monolith” was a challenge, but I had dreamed of seeing it at this location for a long time.”

We’ll let the below footage do the rest of the talking. Absolute scenes.

Where in the world do you think the next show would take the French DJ superstar, and would it top the breathtaking oasis of AlUla?

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