World's first Dragon Ball theme park to open at Saudi Arabia's Qiddiya

It will be home to seven different areas that recreate iconic locales from the original series…

The beloved Japanese manga series Dragon Ball is set to come to life in Saudi Arabia as a super-sized theme park. Announced this week via the brand’s official website, the 500,000 square metre entertainment destination will be the world’s first Dragon Ball theme park, and will add seven curated zones to the Kingdom’s thrilling Qiddiya gigaproject.

Each of the seven different areas at the Dragon Ball theme park will recreate iconic scenes from the original anime series. The first three – Kame House, Capsule Corporation, and Beerus’s Planet – have already been confirmed, with a further four still to be revealed. At the Qiddya theme park, fans will be able to journey around some 30 attractions, discovering adventures with Goku and pals as they go. Taking you from from the very beginning of the anime all the way up through Dragon Ball Super, it’s set to be a full immersion into the world of Dragon Ball.

Described as an ‘unprecedented, immersive entertainment destination in a teaser posted to YouTube, the new theme park promises an array of thrilling, adrenaline-pumping experiences. Among them, get ready to scream and shout as you take on the 70 meter-high Shenron, which contains a large-scale roller coaster inside.

Elsewhere, the theme park will be home to themed hotels and restaurants, further adding to the immersion into the world of Dragon Ball.

Who else can’t wait to play Dragon Ball in real life?!

A bit more about Qiddiya

Designed as a new global capital for entertainment, Qiddiya will be an epicenter of entertainment, sports and culture. The much-discussed Six Flags Saudi Arabia will open here later this year, as will a fun-filled water park. Both promise record-breaking and first-of-their-kind rides.