Join Beast House today and experience two nights full of music

It’s time to dance…

If you haven’t heard of Beast House already, it’s the newest brainchild of Saudi’s very own music powerhouse, MDLBEAST. It’s an exclusive membership club that gives music enthusiasts access to community-based experiences and more.

The venue first opened its doors earlier this year and has become the go-to hub for all things music.


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It’s a perfect space for producers, designers, musicians, music, and essentially all kinds of creatives. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out, a dining experience, a conversation over a mocktail or even an insightful workshop, this is the venue for you.

This weekend, MDLBEAST’s Hunna (a mentor matchmaking program and community connecting emerging female talents) will be taking over your Thursday evening with an all-women roundup including Cosmicat, Tamara, and Solskin. They’ll be spinning the best beats for the beasts from 9pm to 2am.

On Friday April 26, Chez Damier, Omar Fay Yad and Vinyl Mode will take the stage, and you can get your tickets here.



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There are multiple membership packages you can get, and as a thank you, MDLBEAST will be waiving the signing fee and 20 per cent discount on your annual membership.

You can get a house membership for SAR6,000 annually (with a signing fee of SAR3,000) and become part of the community without the technical specs of recording studio time and specialized workshops. Then there’s the House+, which gives you all the House tier benefits plus access to up to 40 parties annually at SAR10,000 (SAR5,000 singing fee).

There’s also the Transit membership which is perfect for individuals residing outside of Riyadh. Each member will receive access to the venue for up to 104 days annually at SAR4,000 (SAR2,000 signing fee).

And if you’re a creative interested in getting all the benefits plus recording studio sessions, exclusive seminars & workshops, and career guidance at SAR9,000 (with a SAR4,500 signing fee). 

Visit: apply.beast.house