Boulevard World is closing down early next month

It’s the largest Riyadh Season zone…

The fan-favourite zone Boulevard World is set to close down its doors after months of fantastic family fun. The venue is set to close in 18 days.


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Complete with 15 sub-zones now, Boulevard World is located adjacent to Boulevard Riyadh City. Each sub-zone is dedicated to a different country from across the globe, celebrating the best of that destination’s shopping, culinary and cultural experiences.

And it’s all set out around the largest man-made lake in the world, which visitors can enjoy with gondolas, cars and even floating submarine rides. The second development of the project has just been completed. The area has been expanded by nearly 40 per cent and features four new areas covering an area of one million square metres this year.

Including the largest popular shopping area with over 1,180 shops, 120 restaurants, and various artistic shows, different entertainment experiences, and arcade games.

Constructed in just 82 days, Boulevard World is considered Riyadh Season’s largest and most ambitious project to date. This is where you want to go to experience a world of culture without ever leaving the shiny capital.

Last year, the full list of countries you could visit at Boulevard World was: China, Morocco, Italy, Greece, India, Mexico, Spain, the USA, the UK, Japan and France, so we’re expecting big things from the four new areas too.

Boulevard World, Hittin, 4pm to 1am. webook.com

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