From Beverly Hills to Saudi, Crustacean Jeddah is opening soon

The venue is setting up shop at Jeddah Yacht Club…

While Riyadh may have a chunk of the greatest restaurants in the Kingdom, Jeddah is actually not far behind on international names either. The yacht club, which is already home to Mashi No Mashi and Madeo, will soon be housing Crustacean Jeddah.

Originally from Beverly Hills, the venue is known for its stunning fusion of the already delicious Vietnamese cuisine.


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Founded by Chef Helene An, the brand’s is actually one of the richest ones we’ve seen in a while. After escaping war and moving to America, Chef Helene’s, mother-in-law Diane An, bought a 24-seat deli on a whim, whihc would later become their family business and safe haven.

Chef An would work as an accountant during the day and at the deli at night just to make ends meet. Growing up, Chef An was used to watching professional chefs and subconciously picking up their techniques. She then recalled the styles from each cuisine and experimented with incorporating the styles into the menu at her new deli laying down the bricks for what we now know as fusion cusine.


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Slowly introducing Vietnamese cuisine to the American palate, through her own creation of modern Asian and European fusion food, the restaurant garnered a lot of attraction. Crustacean Beverly Hills opened its doors in 1991, and has since gathered a sizable celebrity clientele.

We certainly can’t wait for the new opening. As of right now, the exact opening date of the venue hasn’t been announced, but stay tuned to What’s On Saudi Arabia for the latest updates.

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