You can now get a 50 per cent reduction on outstanding traffic fines

The rule applies to all fines accumulated before April 18…

We’ve all been there: you accidentally creep above the speed limit or park in the wrong place and worry about the potential cost of the traffic fine you’ll face. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that the Ministry of Interior has announced changes to traffic fines in Saudi Arabia.

For all traffic fines received before April 18, you can now get a 50 per cent discount. The rule will allow drivers a six-month window until April 18 to use the grace policy whether in one payment or paying for each violation separately.

According to Saudi Gazette, the Ministry clarified that for violations occurring after the introduction of this reduction, Article 75 of the Traffic Law would apply. Failure to pay the fine within the allotted might leave violators with potential imprisonment and enforcement actions.

The reduction will not apply to the following violations: exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h on a road where the speed limit is 120 or less, and exceeding the limit by 30 km/h on a road where the limit is 140 km/h, and violations that pose a threat to public safety.

When paying for traffic fines in Saudi Arabia, according to the new traffic law Article 75, the discount will also be applied to violations committed even if the violator flies an objection.

Please note that the 50 per cent reduction is only applicable to fines accumulated before April 18, and the 25 per cent reduction will be applied to all violations received after the aforementioned date.

The 25 per cent reduction will only be available for 45 days after the incident if you haven’t objected to the traffic incident or applied for the 90-day grace period. Note that only 30 additional days will be given of the 90 days, giving you a total of 75 days to pay the fine with a 25 per cent reduction.

If you’ve received a fine, you have 30 days to object to the violation, 15 days to pay the fine, and if you apply for it, an additional 90 days through the Absher platform.

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