Uber Teens has officially launched in Saudi Arabia

The new feature is now available in the UAE, KSA, Qatar and Jordan…

Uber is debuting a brand-new feature for families across the Kingdom. The Uber Teens Accounts will now be available in the UAE, KSA, Qatar and Jordan.

The new product is designed to help families on the go and allows parents or guardians to invite teens (aged 13-17) to create a specialized Uber account that allows teens to request their own rides with parental supervision and key safety features built into the experience.

How to use it

A parent or guardian can invite their teen to register for an account by using their Family Profile on the Uber app. The teenager will get a link to download the app, set up a new account, and finish the required safety onboarding procedure. Teens can then start asking for trips on their own after that.


To help keep parents in the loop, every time their teen asks for a ride, they can follow along with real-time updates and live trip tracking on the app. They will also be notified of the driver’s name, car details, and requested drop-off location for teen travels, allowing them to be fully informed about their adolescent’s destination and driver.

There will also be PIN verification before they get in. Teens will be asked to provide their driver with a special PIN before they get in the car for a trip. An additional layer of security will ensure that teenagers get into the proper car with the right driver by preventing drivers from starting the journey until they enter the correct code into their app.

RideCheck is also available for these rides. Uber use sensors and GPS data to detect if a ride goes off course, stops unexpectedly, or ends early. This will be adjusted to be more sensitive for teen trips.

Uber’s Audio Recording function lets customers record audio of their travels straight from the app. Files are instantly encrypted and saved to the device, meaning that no one can hear the recording again—not Uber, not the driver, not the rider or parent.

During a trip, parents and guardians will have the ability to get in touch with their child’s driver at any point. And teen account holders may only submit trip requests to drivers who meet the qualifications for local screening, background checks, and seasoned driving.

Visit: uber.com