You can now perform Umrah on any visa

The news was announced this week…

Going for an Umrah has just gotten easier. You’ll be happy to know that no matter what visa you have, you can now perform the religious pilgrimage with the new Umrah visa rules.

All you need to travel is a valid visa and a permit from the Nusuk app and you’re all good to perform Umrah and your prayers at the Grand Mosque.

Previously, you would need a special Umrah visa whose validity lasts three months to travel to Makkah. The visa allowed pilgrims to enter Saudi Arabia via Riyadh or Jeddah and travel to Makkah.

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Types of visas

There are many different kinds of visas you can get to the Kingdom, and you can read our full guide here.

Business Visa

If the many massive developments Saudi Arabia has been working on lately are of interest to you, you’ll be happy to know that the Kingdom is rolling out a brand-new business visit visa to Saudi Arabia. The new online service called “Visiting Investor” allows foreign investors to apply for a digital visit visa and explore all the business opportunities the Kingdom has to offer.



The Saudi Arabian eVisa was first introduced back in 2022 through a decree signed by the Ministry of Tourism. Residents of the GCC can apply for a tourism eVisa before arriving in Saudi Arabia via an online portal. The Kingdom’s visa-on-arrival scheme has also been extended to permanent residents of the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States are among the 63 eligible countries. Through the visa, you can get a 12-month tourism visa on arrival in Saudi Arabia without needing to apply in advance.


Family Visit Visa

For residents of the Kingdom wanting to invite their families from their home country, you can apply for a family visit visa. For this, the visitor needs to have a first-line relative in the Kingdom such as a spouse, parents, or children of the Saudi citizen. You can apply Family Visit Visa online if you are from one of 51 countries eligible for eVisa or in a KSA embassy.