9 viral desserts and drinks to try in Riyadh

These are the must-try treats in the capital…

Riyadh is a city that essentially runs on its sweet treats and coffee, and every few weeks, certain treats take the cake in being the most photographed. So, if you want your feed and belly filled with the best food, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the viral desserts and drinks to try in Riyadh.

Kultura’s new Iced Kultura drink


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Kultura’s recently been making sweeps across Riyadh’s social media pages. A cosy cafe with all glass gates making it a prime people-watching spot, Kultura recently introduced its brand-new Iced Kultura. The drink tastes like gingerbread and is topped with whipped cream and cookie crumble.

Kultura, 2934 Alsail Alkabeer St, Al Ghadir, daily 24-hours. @kultura.sa

Bakestop’s Crookie


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While we think there are few things better than a fresh croissant, bakeries all over the world and now in Riyadh think it can be topped. Meet crookies: the love affair of flaky buttery croissants and fan favourite chocolate chip cookies. Now available at Bake Stop in Riyadh, the decadent dessert is a must-try.

Bake Stop, Al Olaya, daily noon to 5.30pm, 10pm to 1.30am. @bakestop.sa

Chino’s Flattened croissants


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Variations on croissants seem to be a big trend lately. You can now also try out a flattened croissant at Chino in Riyadh. Topped with chocolate and nuts, Chino is where you want to for good vibes, top drinks, and even better treats.

Chino Riyadh, Hittin, 5pm to 5am. @chinoruh

Black Tap’s Cadbury Crazyshake


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Possibly the most Instagrammable burger joint, it’s not a surprise that Black Tap made its way on the list. The venue is known for its neon signs, graffiti art, grey brick, and graphic black and white floor, and candy-festooned aptly named CrazyShakes. Sip on the brand-new Cadbury milkshake topped ice cream and more.

Black Tap, KAFD, daily 12.30pm to 3am. @blacktapksa

Harvey’s Crone


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You’ve heard of waffle cones, but have you heard of croissant cones, or, crones, if you will. Picture a delicious, yummy soft-serve topped with chocolate sauce and the other half of the deliciously flaky croissant. Don’t forget to take a snap.

Harvey St., Alyasmin, daily 4pm t0 4am. @harveyst_sa

Lazy Cat’s Blue Matcha


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If you love matcha, have you ever tried the blue matcha from Lazy Cat. The Kuwait-born eatery serves amazing food and incredible drinks. Making its rounds across social media pages now, this caffiene hit might be just what you need to cure that laziness.

Lazy Cat, Laysen Valley, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, daily 6.30pm to 3am. @eatlazycat

Okawa’s fluffy Japanese pancakes


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Japanese pancakes are one of the most popular desserts in Riyadh. And recently, Okawa has become the spot of choice for Riyadh diners. Pick from multiple toppings, and tuck into velvety goodness.

Okawa, An Narjis, daily 5pm to 2am. @okawa_sa

Taylor Swift’s Blank Space cake


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Dessert with a side of fake blood? Don’t mind if we do. This viral cake is inspired by Taylor Swift’s music video for ‘Blank Space,’ where she is seen stabbing an all white cake. The Sugar Spot delivers the same experience for when you need to let out some pent-up anger.

The Sugar Spot, order online @thesugar_spot 

Iced special cappuccino at KOJI


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At this spot, it’s more about the delivery. This whimsical cafe has no actual workers, just a pair of bear hands leading the scene and serving the most delicious iced special cappuccino. Fist bump the hands as your order is delivered and enjoy.

KOJI, QP2C+5X4, Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, King Abdullah Dt., daily 3.30PM to midnight. @kojis.saudi