Restaurant Review: Business Lunch at Mr Chow

Grab your chopsticks…

Mr Chow opened its doors in Riyadh late last year with quite a big splash, and since its arrival, there have been very few that are yet to try the immensely popular Chinese venue.

Available daily from noon to 5.30pm, business lunch at Mr Chow is indeed one of the top picks for when you’re passing by King Abdullah Financial District.


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Serving Beijing-inspired cuisine with creative original recipes such as Chicken Satay and Ma Mignon, Mr Chow Riyadh brings traditional Chinese values to every meal it serves. Here, dishes are served in family style to ensure all guests get a taste of everything.

Walk in, and you’ll be greeted by a beautiful bar and mixologists shaking up the most delightful drinks. The venue is split into two floors, each with a prim and proper dining hall, and a ton of natural light flowing through the entire space.

With two courses for SAR159, you can take your pick between lighter dishes for the first course and more hefty ones for your mains. Soft drinks and cocktails of the day are included.


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Our cheery waitstaff recommended that we order and try the popular lobster shumai, chicken satay and the delicious salt and pepper prawns. The delicately prepared lobster shumai has to be our winner among the first dishes to grace our table, but the best is yet to come.

For our mains, we were recommended to try out the gambler’s duck and lamb with spring onion, served alongside mixed vegetables and sauteed rice.

The tender and crispy gambler’s duck is a must-try served with steamed pancakes and hoisin sauce. Make your rolls to your liking and enjoy, we recall the best combination being a touch of hoisin and chilli sauce and crunchy vegetables.

Should you wish to end your meal on a sweet note, we’d recommend the hazelnut cake or mango cheesecake for an extra SAR25.

Mr Chow Riyadh, 2.09 KAFD, SAR159 for lunch set menu, daily noon to 5.30pm. Tel: 9200 12658. @mrchowriyadh