Opening in 2025, meet King Abdullah International Gardens

Stop and smell the roses…

Saudi Arabia does not like to do things small, and soon the country is set to house the world’s newest botanical gardens in the arid desert of the Kingdom. Meet King Abdullah International Gardens as part of the megaprojects in Riyadh.

Set to open its doors in autumn 2025, the gardens follow a brief which sought to ‘create botanical gardens to rival those at Kew and Singapore.’


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Planned to be the largest temperature-controlled gardens in the world, the gardens in the crescent biomes cover 10 hectares. They will re-create the 400 million-year-old evolution of the Earth’s plants.

The main focus of the project is a 90.000 square metre paleobotanic biome building, formed as two interlocking crescents which accommodate a sequence of controlled environments, showcasing the site’s passage through time.

Each of the gardens is presented as a timeline which takes the visitor through different botanical periods, including the prolific Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, the gardens will cover the Devonian era, followed by the Carboniferous, Cenozoic and later Paleobotanic periods.

The last garden within the crescent biome is the Garden of Choices. The educational space explores and explains how the lifestyle and industrial choices we make today could very well change the landscape in different ways for future generations.

The power for the gardens will be derived from the sun, while water will be recycled and much of the rock, gravel and soil on the site will be used.

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