You can now experience a virtual sakura blossom landscape in Riyadh

This exclusive, limited-time experience is available only until June 1…

Curious to experience the best of cherry blossoms without leaving Saudi Arabia? While we won’t be able to congregate under a popular canopy of powder-pink cherry blossoms anytime soon in Riyadh, we can definitely enjoy their spring beauty from RITUALS’ immersive “Garden of Happiness” pop-up.

This exciting, limited-time experience, running until Saturday June 1 at the main atrium at Riyadh Park, will transport visitors into the captivating world of cherry blossom fragrance. It is the first time that the Dutch luxury beauty brand is introducing the “Garden of Happiness” concept in Saudi Arabia through this experiential pop-up.

The space will showcase the brand’s bestseller, The Ritual of Sakura, and its all-new limited-edition range, The Ritual of Yozakura scents to mark Yozakura’s grand debut in the GCC region.

Here’s what you can expect when you step into RITUALS’ immersive ‘Garden of Happiness’ experience at Riyadh Park.

Rituals Garden of Happiness

Experience a deep dive into the enchanting aesthetic of cherry blossoms. The space has two distinctive sampling corners: one dedicated to The Ritual of Sakura and the other showcasing the brand’s newly launched The Ritual of Yozakura fragrance. Here, you can browse and try out a range of products.

In addition to this ethereal garden experience, don’t miss the chance to step into a virtual reality reverie of cherry blossoms’ most enchanted garden. Magical.

Rituals Garden of Happiness

Lastly, the fun stuff – once you’ve experienced the captivating scents and visual wonders of the “Garden of Happiness,” you’ll also receive special vouchers and complimentary gifts.

Want to take home unforgettable memories from this limited-time event? We recommend getting the RITUALS Garden of Happiness Gift Set. Inside, you will find a great collection of ten carefully curated products featuring the brand’s bestsellers and brand-new products, designed to immerse you or the people you love in the blissful feeling of self-care.

RITUALS’ Immersive ‘Garden of Happiness’ Experience, until June 1, Riyadh Park, Main Atrium (near Gate 2). @ritualscosmeticsgcc

Images: Supplied