Three more countries are now eligible to get the Saudi e-visa

Making travel to the Kingdom easier…

Saudi Arabia is constantly striving to make travel to the Kingdom that much easier. And to further assist tourists, the Saudi e-visa will now be offered to three more countries.

The visa will now be granted to residents of Barbados, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, and Grenada. The e-visa will entitle you to enter the country for tourism, umrah, business, and visiting your friends and relatives in the Kingdom.

The e-visa program was launched in 2019 and initially targeted 49 countries and has now increased to 66 after the new additions. The visa has been granted to citizens of Canada, the United States, Albania, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and South Africa too.

Nationals of these countries can apply for a Saudi visit visa ahead of their journey via the official e-visa portal at visa.visitsaudi.com. The visitor e-visa is valid for an entire year, grants multiple entries, and permits a stay of up to 90 days. 

Visit: visa.visitsaudi.com