Pick up some serious skills and have fun learning how to make COYA Riyadh's ceviche

Learn all the tips and tricks of COYA’s famous drinks and ceviches at the Peruana masterclass…

Looking for a fun cooking class in Riyadh for a date night or just a night with your friends? How about this masterclass at Latin American restaurant COYA?

Renowned for its Peruvian experience in the city, COYA Riyadh is excited to bring back its Peruana masterclass, inviting guests to learn the art of making COYA’s famous drinks and ceviches.

The masterclass, which will take place on Friday July 5 from 6pm to 9pm, is reserved for just six guests. It promises to be a fun, intimate, and engaging experience, and you can still sign up for it.


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Brimming with the flavours, colours and energy of Latin America, guests are invited to don their aprons and learn how to mix classic COYA sours, the zero-proof version of Latin America’s most famous cocktail, and create their very own flavour-filled ceviches, the iconic national dish of Peru.

Join us on a culinary journey to the heart of Latin America as we learn what goes into COYA’s signature drinks and ceviches at a masterclass in COYA Riyadh.

@whatsonksa Looking for a fun cooking class in Riyadh? Learn all the tips and tricks of COYA’s famous drinks and ceviches at the monthly Peruana masterclass… #COYARiyadh ♬ Heartbroke – Clubhouse

The journey begins at the Pisco Bar, where the expert bartenders demonstrate the skilled craftsmanship involved in concocting each beverage. Once we have prepared our delicious COYA Sour, the experience continues to the main dining room, where COYA Riyadh’s Head Chef Yves de Lafontaine explains the traditions and techniques behind Peru’s famous ceviche.

COYA Riyadh Pisco Bar

Deceptively simple-looking, ceviche, for those unfamiliar with this tantalising dish, is made of small chunks of raw fish, anything from snapper and sea bass to salmon and tuna, cured in the acidic citrus fruit juices. They are then adorned with vegetables and herbs to give contrasting textures, flavours and colour, from diced sweet potato, avocado and slivers of red onion to a sprinkle of coriander and cancha (toasted corn). The combinations are endless. A drizzle of leche de tigre – literally, tiger’s milk, the sauce in which raw fish marinates to make ceviche – is the final touch.

With hands-on demonstrations from Chef Yves and the culinary team, we are guided step by step on how to make two types of COYA signature ceviches. Chef Yves also shows us what to look for when buying fish, essential knife skills to prep your fish, the art behind cutting the fish, how to select ingredients, and finally, how to put your own creative twist on each dish.

Drinks in hand, we get to work tossing cubed sea bream in salt and lime juice. Within minutes, it turns white as it cooks in the acidic liquid. We scatter a few sprigs of coriander and diced red chilli before adding tiger’s milk, just enough to marinate the raw fish.

COYA ceviches

We pile our fish into little bowls, delicately spoon in some sauce, then garnish with chopped chives, sliced red onion, sweet potato, choclo, and crispy cancha – thankfully, the ingredients have been prepared in advance – and voila, it seems we have created our own Lubina Clasica ceviche. We then make a COYA Riyadh best-seller, the Mandarinas ceviche, in which fresh orange juice is added to the tiger stock. Both are phenomenal – they smash you in the mouth with zing and zest.

The masterclass finishes with our group of six being presented with a certificate of completion and ceviche recipe cards, alongside a fabulous spread of a three-course dinner full of COYA favourites. The set menu includes tasty starters such as the yellowfin tuna ceviche with rice cracker and Aguacate maki, followed by a main course of beef ribs with a side of broccoli. We finish with the famous Chicha Morada, frozen purple corn blended into an icy, crystalised treat with wild berries and topped with orange shortbread.

What more can we ask for?

Space is very limited for the Peruana masterclass, so book early to avoid disappointment. You do not want to miss this.

COYA Riyadh, 8710 Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12223. The next Peruana Masterclass will be held on July 5, 6pm to 9pm. SAR300 per person. Tel: 9200 10352. @coyariyadh

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