Rome's famous Il Vero Alfredo is coming to Jeddah

The venue is all set to open its doors soon…

The dining scene in Jeddah is definitely heating up one incredible venue at a time, and now one of Rome’s prized possessions is headed to our neck of the woods, Il Vero Alfredo Jeddah is coming sometime this year.

Setting up shop in Jeddah’s Ash Shati district, Il Vero Alfredo Jeddah’s opening is one that’s very highly anticipated.

Serving the authentic world-famous Fettucine Alfredo dish as it was intended, the venue first opened its doors in 1950.

After the birth of Armando (Alfredo II), Alfredo (I) worked tirelessly to ensure his wife continued to eat healthy and nutritious dishes to regain her strength.

Even creating a dish of noodles mixed with butter and fresh Parmesan for her, which Alfredo (I) served to his wife who thoroughly enjoyed the dish and suggested that it be added to the menu of their small restaurant called Piazza Rosa/Galleria Colonna back in 1908. And that’s how the globally renowned Fetuccine Alfredo came to be.


After years of opening up well-loved local restaurants, the father-son duo joined hands to cement the legacy of Fetuccine Alfredo. There a real family business was born.

Alfredo (I) and his son Armando created an all-new restaurant which is Il Vero Alfredo as we know it today. To this day, the restaurant in Rome is still managed by Armando’s son Alfredo (Alfredo III) with his sister Ines Di Lelio.

It is with these values that we go into the opening of Il Vero Alfredo in Jeddah. So we can only imagine what’s in store for the Jeddah branch. Stay tuned to What’s On for the latest updates on the opening.

Il Vero Alfredo Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ash Shati. Opening soon. @ilveroalfredojeddah