Dates for the Islamic Arts Biennale have been announced

The major art event will be happening in Jeddah…

Saudi Arabia has been supporting local and international artists in showcasing their artworks to a wider audience. One way the country has been accomplishing this is by launching the Diriyah Biennale Foundation and hosting the first-ever art biennales in the Kingdom. And now, the Islamic Arts Biennale 2025 is officially happening.

Scheduled to take place in Jeddah, from Wednesday January 25 to Sunday May 25 2025, the Islamic Arts Biennale will unfold within the iconic Western Hajj Terminal at Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Islamic Arts Biennale

This ground-breaking affair provides guests with an exclusive opportunity to dive deep into the depths of Islamic artistry by presenting the rich and varied arts of Islamic civilization, both historical and contemporary.

The Biennale is on a mission to celebrate Saudi Arabia as the birthplace of Islam. In the process, there will be an artistic exchange with communities from around the world.

During the Islamic Arts Biennale, artists have been invited to explore spirituality and its aesthetics, from the past to the present. The hope is that it will spark new conversations and insights.

The theme of the Biennale last year was Awwal Bayt (First House) – the phrase comes from the Qur’an and refers to the Kaaba in Makkah, which is the most sacred site in Islam, and the direction that Muslims face in their prayers.

While the theme for the 2025 edition hasn’t been announced just yet, stay tuned to What’s On Saudi Arabia for the latest.

More on the Diriyah Contemporary Arts Biennale 2024…

Before the Islamic Arts Biennale in 2025, though, we welcomed the Diriyah Contemporary Arts Biennale 2024.

Taking place in the JAX District in Diriyah, Riyadh, the 2024 edition revealed a stellar line-up of participating artists and introduces its curatorial framework, titled “After Rain.”

Unfolding across seven halls, courtyards, and terraces along Wadi Hanifa, “After Rain” symbolised renewal and revitalisation, with the title drawing inspiration from the earthy scent that follows rainfall.

Visit: biennale.org.sa