5 amazing chalets to book in Riyadh this summer

This summer, cool off here…

One of the most Riyadhi things to do in the summer is booking a chalet, and if you don’t know the first thing about the best chalets in Riyadh, we have just the list for you. Here are the best ones to book this summer.

Q Chalets

Located in Narjis, this gorgeous chalet is one of the most highly rated ones in the capital. Look forward to a stunning pool, sun loungers, and so much more.

Q Chalets,  An Narjis, Riyadh 13333. For reservations: 053 007 9801

Relief Chalet

If you’re after some relief, head to Relief Chalet. There’s a gorgeous pool, massive seating areas, and so much more for you to discover.

Relief Chalet, An Narjis. For reservations: 050 294 1004

La MoonTera Chalets

All the best chalets seem to be located in An Narjis. This cosy chalet is the perfect spot to book with your friends. The bedroom offers the perfect view of the stunning pool and the adjacent sitting area, walk around the plus grass and just relax.

La MoonTera Chalet, An Narjis Riyadh 11564 24.917102. @lamoontera. For reservations:  055 504 5566

Meraki Chalet

This is a top-tier space when you’re celebrating. The secluded spaces make you feel like you’re getting away from it all. Invite a large group and enjoy the pools, with outdoor showers and a fire pit too.

Meraki Chalet, King Salman Road, Riyadh. For reservations: 050 694 3555

Princess Chalet

A chalet fit for royalty, Princess Chalets is almost built like a castle. Look forward to massive spaces, princess bouncy castles, and more.

Princess Chalets, Al Rimal. @princess_chalets1. For reservations: 053 412 0440.