5 incredible things to know about Saadiyat Cultural District

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Abu Dhabi’s global allure comes from its beautiful beaches, five star hotels, exhilarating attractions and impressive restaurants. But it’s the focus on heritage and cultural experiences that truly sets the UAE capital apart. And that’s set to become all the more prominent with the completion of Saadiyat Cultural District next year.

Ahead of its arrival, here are 5 incredible things to know about Saadiyat Cultural District.

Its existing attractions are already attracting millions of visitors

Louvre abu dhabi

Saadiyat Cultural District’s current anchor of all things cultural is Louvre Abu Dhabi, which opened in 2017. Positioned as the first universal museum in the Arab world, to date it’s welcomed some 5 million visitors, and has become one of the most show-stopping architectural marvels in the region. Coupled with Berklee Abu Dhabi, where educational and performing arts programmes take place throughout the year; and Manarat Al Saadiyat, a creative space; and the all-welcoming Abrahamic Family House, it’s already established as a place of culture and creativity.

A string of globally-renowned cultural beacons are still to come

teamLab Phenomena Abu Dhabi 

By the end of next year, visitors will be able to experience ever-changing exploration that will transcend the limits of their imagination at teamLab Phenomena Abu Dhabi (pictured above); and embark on a 13.8-billion-year journey through the story of our universe and our planet at the Natural History Museum. Also forming part of Saadiyat Cultural District will be Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, a pre-eminent museum for contemporary art and culture that will present the most important artistic achievements of our time.

These will include a first-of-its-kind National Museum

While many of the new additions to Saadiyat Cultural District are international imports, Zayed National Museum is a homegrown venture. A celebration of the legacy of the country’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the design draws inspiration from a falcon (the UAE’s national bird) wing.

The main gallery will be devoted to a collection of artifacts illuminating aspects of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan — the man, and his leadership journey the country’s unification, and beyond. There will also be gallery space devoted to exhibitions on Falconry and Conservation; Land and Water; History and Society; Science and Learning; Faith and Islam; and it will host the grand Sheikh Zayed Library.

A 67 million year old T-Rex skeleton will be among the must-see attractions

When the Natural History Museum opens, one of its standout pieces will be a mostly complete 39-foot-long, Dhs117 million, 67 million year old Tyrannosaurus-Rex skeleton — a fossilised relic of the notorious Late Cretaceous apex predator.

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will house 28 galleries

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will exhibit a collection of modern and contemporary art with a special focus on pieces from the West Asia, North Africa, and South Asia (WANASA) region.

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