7 wonderful Korean restaurants in Riyadh

Everywhere to go and order from…

While the list of Korean restaurants in Riyadh might be small, it is mighty. Complete with Korean BBQ, kimchi, and all the Ks you could possibly want, we cover it all. Here are the top spots to dine at for the cuisine.

Korean Palace Restaurant

Korean food

Comfort food done good in a spot that feels like home? Sign up ASAP. Korean Palace Restaurant is the oldest Korean restaurant in Riyadh, it has no-frills, has a casual ambience, and wonderful food. There’s really not much out there better than a savoury bowl of Bibim Naengmyeon (a Korean buckwheat noodle dish served cold) to cool down and fill your tummy.

Korean Palace Restaurant, At Takhassusi Branch St, Ar Rahmaniyyah, Sat to Thurs 11.30am to 3pm & 5pm to 11pm, Fri 12.30pm to 3pm & 5pm to 11pm. Tel: 011 419 8878.

JeJu Samgyupsal


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A tiny hole-in-the-wall spot, walk in and you’ll find brick walls, wooden tables, and Korean barbecue grills. The hotpot and barbecue are unlimited, and the food is pretty much unmatched.

JeJu Samgyupsal, Sulaymaniyah District, daily noon to 2am. @jejurestaurantksa

Woo Samgyup


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Some of the best Korean barbecue in town, Woo Samgyup is a popular cosy spot in As Sulimaniyah. Pick between shrimp, chicken, beef, or a mix of all three at SAR120 per person.

Woo Samgyup, Abu Bakr Alrazi St, As Sulimaniyah, daily 1pm to 1am. @wsamgyup



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Namu is a swish new joint serving up the finest cuts of meat alongside traditional Korean barbeque. Expect high-quality wagyu beef, marinated meats including the famous bulgogi and galbi dishes, and sumptuous seafood, complemented with Korean banchan (side dishes) like bap (cooked rice), fresh veggies, kimchi, pickled cucumber, and sauces like ssamjang.

Namu, Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awal Rd, daily 1pm to 1am. @namu.ksa

Meatin Grill’s


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For those who are not familiar with the Korean BBQ concept, it is a fun, do-it-yourself kind of spot where you’ll first be treated to an array of small side dishes of fermented veggies, and then you’ll be brought out your pick of meat and seafood to add to a hot plate in the middle. The good news? Meatin Grill’s all-you-can-eat menu, priced at SAR150 per person, is a fantastic feast. And the other good news? It has now opened a new branch right in the heart of the city in the As Sulimaniyah district.

Meatin Grill’s, As Sulimaniyah, 3798 Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Rd, 7801 Riyadh 12223, Sat to Wed 1pm to midnight, Thu to Fre 1pm to 1am. Tel: 050 251 0941. @meatingrills


Look no further if you’re after some top Korean food in Riyadh. Omo Omo is a celebration of bold Korean flavours in Riyadh. Tuck into tteokbokki, Korean sandos, bibimbap, and more at the Qurtubah spot.

Omo Omo, 2977 Al Thoumamah Rd, Qurtubah, Sun to Wed 1pm to 2am, Thu to Sat 1pm to 2am. Thu to Sat 1pm to midnight. @omoomo.sa

Young Jae’s


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A delivery-only spot is available on apps like Jahez, ToYou, HungerStation, The Chefz, and more, Young Jae’s might just be the best Korean fried chicken in town. On the menu, you can find Korean banchan, and fried chicken options include strips, wings, and a half chicken too.

Young Jae’s, delivery only, hungerstation.com, thechefzco, jahez.net.