Review: Mashi No Mashi in Jeddah

Comforting broths, bouncy noodles and zesty toppings…

Ramen lovers, it’s time to visit Mashi No Mashi, Saudi Arabia’s first Wagyu ramen restaurant. Like, right now – especially if you still haven’t.

Opened in May last year, Mashi No Mashi is the endeavour of self-taught chef and Wagyu evangelist Hisato Hamada. He also runs the members-only Wagyumafia restaurants, which has a branch in Riyadh.

Stroll along the buzzy Jeddah Yacht Club, and you’ll notice that Mashi No Mashi is easily identifiable from the sea of restaurants within the area, thanks to its neon-lit, monkey motifs that extend inside the space.

Inside, it maintains a classic fit-out with a diner-like feel. We opt to sit at one of the booth tables. This casual eatery boasts serious street cred, with the brand’s vibrant yellow colour palette being found on the walls and table mats.

The open kitchen anchors the space, where the culinary team dishes out bowls of ramen to diners.

The food

Mashi No Mashi, which means to eat more and more, is known for its signature massive wagyujiro ramen with Kobe beef bone broth, tsukemen and gyoza stuffed with Ozaki beef –  accompanied by its line of hot sauce, Wagyusco.

Mashi No Mashi gyoza

First things first, you’ll want to order the wagyu gyoza (SAR98). The six picture-perfect dumplings are plump, crispy-edged, have the gratifying crunch of a cookie, and are absolutely delicious, especially when eaten with its accompanying black pepper vinegar.

The next item to arrive is the Ozaki wagyu beef tataki (SAR155), a killer dish in our books, with a serious melt-in-your-mouth amazing-ness. Savoury, incredibly tender, and slightly fatty, the thinly sliced slab of flame-kissed, unctuous beef makes a strong impression on the palate.

Mashi No Mashi tataki

We also have a sampling of the short rib sando (SAR98), with the compliments of the Chef. Sublime.

We then dive straight into its ramen and go for the spicy samurai bomb Tsukemen ramen (SAR230). A bowl of thick-cut whole wheat noodles (somewhere between soba and udon, texturally speaking) blanketed by thin sheets of beef chashu, half of a soft-boiled egg, bamboo shoots, parboiled cabbage, and squares of seaweed printed with the restaurant’s primate mascots.


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Accompanying it is a dipping broth – a rich and flavour-packed Kobe beef bone broth concoction of wagyu fat, small chunks of beef and cartilage that have simmered for 24 hours within, as well as (at your discretion) a red-hot togarashi pod.

You’re meant to add the little spice bomb to the broth, stir it, dip your noodles into the broth, and then slurp like a boss. Every mouthful is an absolute delight – the noodles soften and the broth envelops; it’s savoury, sweet, and umami-rich, and we love the viscous consistency of the broth. The main attraction, of course, is the meat, which melts like warm butter on the tongue.

But if you prefer the usual hot soup-style ramen, there’s the ultra wagyu ramen (SAR155 to SAR205, depending on the amount of the wagyu jiro chashu) served in an intensely beefy yet delicate wagyu bone broth.

Mashi No Mashi wagyu donburi

If you want more wagyu options on the table, we also enjoy the wagyu donburi (SAR195), a bowl of rice with thin slices of seared Ozaki beef on top as well as an egg yolk. Simply mix the egg yolk with the hot rice and then eat it with the buttery beef. Needless to say, we’re all Mashi-ed out by the time we get to this.

Our verdict: Mashi No Mashi is a cool and fun ramen spot, but is it actually delicious? 100 per cent. The elements are good, from the broth to the noodles. It is rather pricey for a bowl of ramen, but you do get a lot of wagyu-bang for your riyals. The sheer quality of the beef alone justifies the price. So, take our advice and have a cow at Mashi No Mashi. Big fans of wagyu and ramen will want to sit down for a bowl (or two).

Mashi No Mashi, Jeddah Yacht Club, Al Kurnaysh Br Rd, Ash Shati, Jeddah 23613, Sun to Thurs 5pm to midnight, Fri 2pm to midnight & Sat 1pm to midnight. @mashinomashijeddah

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