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Are you an artist? An art battle is taking place in Saudi Arabia

12 artists will battle it out to win…

Are you a keen artist? Think you’ve got what it takes to win a painting competition? Well, now you can put that to the test, as an art battle is taking place in Saudi Arabia in April.

Cited as ‘Live Competitive Painting’, the event will take place in Khobar on Friday, April 18. Artists will arrive from 5.30pm, followed by the public at 6pm. 12 painters will battle it out, creating their masterpiece using only acrylic paint.

The competition consists of three 20 minute rounds of public painting. In round one, 6 painters will compete, followed by the remaining 6 painters in round two. The audience will vote for the winners in round one and two.

Following that, a third and ‘final round’ will commence with a new canvas. The winner will then be voted for by the audience. The winner will then advance to the next level of competition.

Wondering what will happen to your painting when you’ve finished? All pieces of artwork painted at the event will be auctioned to the highest bidder in a silent auction, where 50 per cent of the proceeds will go to the artists. Any works not sold will remain the property of Art Battle.

Want to take part? All you need to do is register online. Admission for you is free and you’re able to bring a guest with you.

According to the website, Art Battle Open Materials Rules are as follows:

  1. Artists have 20 minutes to create their competition artwork.
  2. Artists must use the blank provided canvas as the surface for their artwork.
  3. Artists are encouraged to bring their own mediums and tools. A limited set of acrylic paint is provided by local Art Battle producers. Artists are encouraged (but not required) to bring outside medium — Allowed mediums include: acrylic paint, ink, oil paint, charcoal, pen, pencil, watercolor, and more. Water based aerosol and airbrush are permitted by Art Battle, but may be restricted depending on venue requirements. If using oil paints only Odorless Mineral Spirits or Gamsol will be permitted for solvent. *email your local organizer if you are unsure about a material
  4. The use of reference images are permitted, but not required. Any reference images must be printed or prepared on paper.
  5. Pre-made images (collage), including stencils, are not permitted. Creation of stencils ‘at the easel’ and during competition time is permitted.
  6. The local/global audience votes for the best artwork in each round, and the winner(s) advance to further rounds/events.

Art Battle, Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Friday April 18, 5.30pm, free entry. artbattle.com

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