Inside Al-Khobar's new VR centre, Xtra Life

Enjoy virtual shoot em ups, racing and adventure games brought to life by the latest VR tech…

Al-Khobar has a brand new VR gaming hub and it boasts some highly impressive statistics.

Xtra Life is a 1.5kmsq virtual e-sport centre packed with epic gadgetry and the ultimate in immersive gaming entertainment.

The VR experience comes via a collection of HTV Vive units, a cutting-edge virtual reality headset created by a collaboration between HTC and Valve.


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It uses ‘room-scale’ tracking technology to lace virtual world parameters over real world space. This provides gamers with the ability to roam free through their pixelated environment without fear of bumping into walls and snapping back to reality.

Xtra Life offers four different gaming genres: classic frag-n-dash shoot em ups, sport simulators, racing games, and engaging adventure challenges.

The venue is expected to attract more than 360,000 visitors each year and will feature some cool food and beverage options to help you level-up for round two.


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Quoted in a Saudi Gazette article, eXtra CEO Mohamed Galal said “Virtual reality represents a new era of immersive interactive entertainment, a fresh way of allowing people to experience things that were never before believed to be possible, coupled with Saudi Arabia’s extreme love for gaming, it only made sense that Xtra life was born and launched in the Kingdom.”

“We hope to give people a place where they could feel like anything is possible like they could be instantly transported to places they could only dream of and change their perspective of how they see modern gaming.”

King Fahd Road, Al Hizam Al Thahabi District Khobar, Saudi Arabia 31952, Sat 11am to 11pm, Sun 3pm to 11.30pm, Mon to Wed 5pm to 11.30pm, Thu 5pm to 1am. Tel: (013) 829 9692, @xtralifevr

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