Works on the expansion of Al Ula airport have been completed

The airport will be able to welcome 400,000 visitors a year…

Al Ula is the cultural hotspot in Saudi Arabia that’s played host to some of the country’s biggest events, from Formula E to Winter at Tantora. Soon, the destination is set to welcome even more visitors than ever.

It’s been announced by the Royal Commission of Al Ula that the Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Domestic Airport in Al Ula has had works on the second phase of its expansion completed, and it will now be able to welcome up to 400,000 visitors a year.

It’s said that the region will start welcoming visitors again in October 2020, after months of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. The destination is famous for its rich heritage, expansive sand stretches and stunning sandstones.

The second phase of renovating the airport has focused on improving the main building of the airport, as well as adding a VIP reception hall. Of course, more visitors means more planes, so the existing runways have been extended too.

The breathtaking landscape invites visitors to experience a world of culture. The huge valley, which is said to be the size of Belgium, has palm groves running through it and sandstone cliffs around the edges.

You can access it via road, or fly there, with flights running three times a week from Riyadh and Jeddah. According to the Al Ula website, flights will soon be running directly there from overseas.

Over 200,000 years’ worth of history awaits you at Al Ula. It’s home to Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO location, which is the ‘largest preserved site south of Jordan for the Nabatean civilisation’. You can tour over 100 well-preserved tombs and see the impressive facades cut into the rock.

Another big draw is the ‘Elephant rock’ which has eroded to look like an elephant.

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