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Here's 3 of the best diving spots in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia boasts some incredible diving spots…

If you’re a keen diver, heading to the far corners of the world to discover the best coral reefs, underwater shipwrecks and diverse marine life, did you know that Saudi Arabia is an incredible country for offering you just that?

Not from Saudi Arabia? You’ll have to wait a little longer discover the world under the Red Sea, due to travel restrictions to the country. However, if you are from the country, why not book yourself a new adventure?

Here are 3 of the best diving spots in Saudi Arabia:

Abu Galawa, Yanbu


Abu Galawa in Yanbu is one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular diving areas. The site has a World War II wreck – a Chinese tugboat known as ‘Tien Hsing’, which was 34 meters long, and sunk in 1947. Naturally, over the years, a number of soft and hard coral has developed at the spot.

Anne Anne Wreck, Jeddah

Always wondered what it would be like to swim through an actual shipwreck? The Anne Anne Wreck can be found underwater at a site on the 26-mile reef, approximately two hours’ drive from Jeddah. The ship went down in 1977. The wreck is only recommended for experienced divers, and previous divers have seen blue spotted stingrays, tunas and even, occasionally, white-tip sharks, whilst there.

The Farasan Banks, Jeddah, Al Lith


For a mesmerising diving spot boasting swathes of stunning, multi-coloured coral reefs and marine life, check out The Farasan Banks, Jeddah, Al Lith. As well as a thousand small reefs, the site also has a few islands for you to explore, and is suitable for a range of diving abilities. Marine life you may encounter includes clown fish, snappers, moray eels, ghost pipefish, schools of big eye jacks, barracudas, tunas and even some sharks.

There’s so much to see…

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