Saudi Arabia’s first drive-in cinema opens in Riyadh

Here’s what to expect…

We are sure most of you remember that iconic scene from Grease. Well, for the first time, a drive-in cinema experience has made its debut on our shores. Here’s what to expect from Saudi Arabia’s first drive-in cinema in Riyadh, by homegrown chain MUVI Cinemas.

The drive-in cinema is located north of Riyadh, on Alqaseem Road, just off King Fahd Road (about a 20-minute drive from the city centre). Situated in an open-air carpark, it can accommodate up to 150 cars in one screening.

Depending on the category you choose – Standard, Premium or Premium Plus – entry to the cinema for each car starts from SAR312, which includes two bags of popcorn and two soft drinks.

It’s a fully contact-free experience, and every aspect of each screening is covered to the smallest detail. This includes temperature-taking at the entrance, scanning of tickets at a safe distance, attendants who direct drivers to park their cars at the allocated spot, and spacing logistics to ensure that all vehicles have an unobstructed view of the screen.

At the end of each screening, the attendants are once again prepared to carefully usher cars out one by one.

The movie is projected onto the large screen, and the audio is broadcast through the FM106.1 radio station – yes, it is just like the golden age of the drive-in cinemas of the 1950s! Plus, you can chat and munch your popcorn at will, without being shot evils by fellow movie watchers.

You don’t have to worry about grabbing dinner beforehand, too. You’ll be spoilt for choice by the number of food trucks and carts serving takeaway meals like burgers, shrimp rolls and cup noodles.

Purchase the refreshments via an app, or simply drive through the booth and wind down your windows to order. Even better, flash your hazard lights and the staff will attend to you immediately.

Overall, we’d say, skip the movie nights on the sofa and plan your trip to this drive-in. Then, kick back, relax from the comfort of your car, and enjoy the movie – from the front row, no less!

To book your tickets, visit muvicinemas.com.

Image: Flickr