Events and entertainment activities are temporarily banned in Saudi

New Covid regulations include 30-day suspension of events and the closure of cinemas and gyms for 10 days…

On Thursday February 4, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced a series of new COVID-19 precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of a second wave of the pandemic in the Kingdom.

According to a report by the Saudi Press Agency, all events and parties, including weddings and corporate meetings held in private or hotel banquet halls and those held in rental rest houses and camps, are suspended for 30 days.

Social gatherings of up to 20 people are permitted. However, all entertainment activities and events are suspended; cinemas, indoor amusement parks and games centres located in restaurants and shopping malls, gyms, and sports centres are closed for 10 days.

Dining-in services in cafes and restaurants are also suspended for 10 days, although take-away services are allowed. Municipal officials will carry out inspections and any restaurants in violation of the measures could be forced to have their establishment closed for up to a month.

The move will take effect from 10pm (KSA time) tonight, and the duration of the suspension can be extended if cases continue to rise.

The announcement comes after Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah warned that the new coronavirus restrictions could be imposed if citizens and residents do not comply with health restrictions. The Kingdom reported 306 new cases as of yesterday. In further attempts to stem the spread of Covid-19, Saudi officials announced on Tuesday that passengers from 20 countries, ranging from some neighbouring states to the United States, would be banned from entering the country.

Image: Unsplash