Tawakkalna app made mandatory in malls and public spaces

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All Saudi citizens and residents are now required to activate their Tawakkalna application as proof of their health status before entering offices – both the public and private sectors – as well as commercial complexes and shopping malls.

According to the Ministry of Interior, there have been 18,563 Covid-19 violations in Saudi Arabia since 25 January 2021. The Riyadh region recorded 4,852 breaches, followed by Makkah with 2,636, Qassim with 2,557, the Eastern Province with 2,348, Madinah with 1,829, and Jawf with 1,310.

The ministry called on the public to continue adhering to Covid-19 preventive measures and the instructions issued by the authorities.

According to reports in Arab News, Majid Al-Hogail, Minister of Municipal, Rural and Housing Affairs, directed the secretariats and municipalities in the various regions and governorates of the Kingdom to intensify their efforts to protect citizens and residents, and limit the spread of the virus.

Riyadh Governor Prince Faisal Bin Bandar stressed the need for people to adhere to all precautionary steps to limit the spread of the virus in the region, saying authorities had intensified an awareness campaign about the importance of complying with health and safety protocols.

Prince Saud Bin Naif, governor of the Eastern Province, also directed the implementation of the same procedures in the premises of the emirate of the Eastern Province in all dealings with the beneficiaries.

It has also been instructed to carry out field inspections to monitor non-compliance by the concerned officials of all the relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, it was reported that attempts to sign in reached 250 million in the past few days, and that the flurry of downloads resulted in the app facing temporary technical issues.

We attempted to register for the first time on Wednesday evening but soon ran into difficulty. However, we successfully managed to log in and access the app by the following morning.

A statement by the Tawakkalna management announced on Friday night that the technical issue was resolved, and that users can now use it to show their health condition when entering government offices and shopping malls.

It added, “Work is also in progress to restore all features, such as Covid-19 test booking, dashboard and others.”

Tawakkalna is the official application approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Activating the Tawakkalna application is mandatory for all citizens and residents in order to enter malls, supermarkets and commercial complexes.

Authorities called on the public to use the app for live updates, to request movement permits, and to report any Covid-19 violations, or by calling 940.

Download the Tawakkalna application on the Apple App Store, Google Play or Huawei App Gallery.

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