Caliente is heating things up in Riyadh with its delicious Latin grub

Take your tongue on a trip to a faraway adventure…

Peruvian and Mexican cuisines may be the darlings of the culinary world. Still, many of us only have a cursory knowledge of Latin-American food – especially those from regions like Cuba and Venezuela.

Enter Caliente, a food truck from Jeddah that serves Latin-American-inspired fare – including chicharrones (puffy pieces of deep-fried cow skin) – and they are delicious.


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For everyone in Riyadh, now’s your chance to have a taste of Jeddah’s hidden gem. Chef-owner Abdulrahman Enani of Caliente is making a reside within the pop-up kitchen at huna, a creative workspace for creatives and talents in food, art, and culture.

And no, you won’t find tacos at Caliente. Chef Abdulrahman wants everyone to know that Latin-American cuisine is more than just that. Through Caliente, he intends to introduce flavours that people might not have tried before.


Here are what you can expect from Caliente’s menu: Cuban-styled sandwiches like the mojo brisket and mojo Cabeza (lamb head). Sides that include crispy, golden yuca (cassava) fries with Peruvian aioli and loca fries. Picarones (Peruvian doughnuts) and coconut ice cream with pina colada granita served in a coconut shell for desserts.

While you are grazing, try the refreshing mangonado or the orange oregano iced tea.

What’s more, for those who would like to have interactive dining with the affable Chef Abdulrahman, you can choose the chef’s table experience and get an intimate front-row seat at the opulent marble counter.

Watch Chef Abdulrahman showcase his talent and present the dishes in person, giving you an insight into the creativity and inspiration behind Caliente and the cuisine.

Caliente Pop-up, huna Takhassusi, Panorama Mall, daily 5pm to 11pm. @caliente_foodtruck

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