No reason to waffle over these Woop! waffles

Woop! offers sweet and savoury takes on waffles, a juice bar, soft-serve ice cream, and more…

Waffles and juice. It’s a pairing that can’t be beaten – especially when you’re at Woop! – because the two are both crowd favourites reinvented into different forms.

Not sure what we’re talking about? We think it’s time you pop by Woop!

Originally from Kuwait, Woop!, which describes itself as “the naughty juice bar”, recently opened its doors in the heart of Riyadh.


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Located on Takhassusi Street, Woop! is known for always looking for ways to jazz things up with something different – experimenting with flavours and combinations to build a repertoire of colourful concoctions.

Fresh fruit juices take centre stage here, along with their crispy, fluffy waffles, of course.

The beverages range from juices, such as beetroot, avocado with honey, and a triple-layered juice consisting of mango, strawberry and banana, to thick milkshakes and smoothies.

The Pink Sunsets smoothie is a blend of strawberry, mango, and vanilla, and it comes highly recommended.

The signature Tank Top made up of mango, avocado, and banana milk layers, is not only fun to look at, but it’s absolutely delicious. You’ll also find soft-serve mixes of different flavours.


When it comes to waffles, we think it’s about time we moved past the standard butter-and-syrup routine (although that’s undoubtedly delicious, too).

At Woop!, the classic grid-ded treat is presented in various styles.

Offerings include loaded savoury waffles like the halloumi waffle decked out with halloumi, black olive paste, za’atar, mint leaves, cucumber, and tomatoes. Woop! also makes waffles with turkey ham, cheese, pickles, and tomatoes, as well as labneh loaded onto waffles.

If you prefer your waffles on the sweet side, the menu includes four types of dessert waffles. These crunchy waffles – each with its own distinct extra sweet touches – are piled with fillings like Kinder chocolate chunks, cream cheese with mixed berries compote, custard, or Nutella with sliced strawberries.

Whether you’re looking for a snack or a late-night treat, you’re sure to find it at Woop!

Woop!, Pure Centre, 3250 Takhassusi St, Al Mohammadiyyah, Riyadh 12364, daily 3pm to midnight. @woop.ksa

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