Here’s what’s in store for the new urban park planned for Riyadh

King Salman Park will have a plant nursery, a multi-use hall, exhibition areas, restaurants, and cafes…

Spanning 13.3 square kilometres on the grounds of the old airport in Riyadh, the upcoming King Salman Park is set to be the largest urban park in the world.

King Salman Park

Let us put that into perspective for you. It will be five times larger than London’s Hyde Park and four times larger than Central Park in New York.

This extraordinary urban landscape aims to become a one-of-a-kind destination, with more than 160 features and attractions covering art, culture, sports, and entertainment.

All about transforming Riyadh into a more liveable city

Conceived as a new green heart of Riyadh, King Salman Park is connected to several major roads, as well as the public transport project, which includes the train and bus networks, making it easily accessible to the city’s residents and visitors.

The 90,000-square-meter public space will include a plant nursery, a multi-use hall, meeting rooms, exhibition areas, restaurants, and cafes. Construction on the visitor pavilion has just started, according to the King Salman Park Foundation.

The main auditorium will be designed to accommodate up to 230 guests with VIP and tiered seating, which can be used for events, entertainment shows, and business meetings.

King Salman Park

Interactive garden exhibits will introduce the park’s natural, cultural, and recreational aspects to visitors, while the pavilion will have a large terrace with 360-degree views of the landscape.

The pavilion’s design concept is based on Salmani architecture principles, which honour the beauty of traditional materials and showcase them through modern design and construction. The design maximises the use of natural light during seasonal fluctuations, with an emphasis on sustainability and the environment.

King Salman Park

The park’s internal urban loop – a circular promenade – has been designed to cater to walking, cycling, and autonomous modes of public transportation, with shaded areas for visitors to rest.

Additionally, park visitors will benefit from a climate-responsive urban design and personal thermal comfort strategy that makes walking and cycling pleasant all year round.

King Salman Park

The park’s landscape will consist of a series of branching valleys, inspired by Saudi’s seasonally dry wadi riverbeds, converging towards the centre of the site. Around the edges of each branch, protected from direct sunlight, visitors will be encouraged to use gathering spaces and activity areas.

Completion of King Salman Park is slated for 2024, and we can’t wait…

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