Feed your mind, body and soul at Habitas AlUla this Ramadan

Take in the breathtaking surroundings of the eco-resort and enjoy a specially curated iftar feast at Tama…

There is no better time to nourish your mind, body and soul than amidst the desert canyons of the Ashar Valley in AlUla as you journey through Ramadan.

Tama Habitas AlUla

Guests can find your Zen, being present in the stunning surroundings of Habitas AlUla, while further nourishment comes by way of a delicious iftar feast at Tama.

The resort’s on-site restaurant is gliding into its first Ramadan with a vibrant set menu of Saudi and Middle Eastern cuisine, bringing the unique flavours of Saudi Arabia to life.

Tama Restaurant interior

Acting as a gathering place, Tama is much more than a restaurant. Meaning ‘here and now’ in Aramaic, Tama embodies one of Habitas’ core brand experiences, the essence of being present and keeping people in the here and now – a perfect synergy with the spirit of the holy month to mark a time for family and togetherness.

Bringing seasonal, fresh flavours to the table

Step into the resort’s on-site restaurant and enjoy the space’s rustic interiors. Those who prefer an outdoor experience with the ambience of scenic sandstone mountains can head to the terrace and dine under AlUla night skies.

Tama takes diners on an unforgettable culinary journey through ingredients sourced from local farms in AlUla.

Tama Restaurant

For the specially crafted iftar set menu, guests break their fast with a selection of mezze dishes from Ejjet al Fallah to hot appetisers, including coconut shrimp, before moving to the must-try main course, fish Harra with tahini, Arabic spices, and nuts.

Tama Restaurant

The delectable Umm Ali, a Middle Eastern bread pudding, and Mouhalabieh, a delicate milk flan flavoured with orange flower, along with an array of homemade sweets, complete the offering.

Tama Restaurant

Farm-to-table suhoor menus featuring a selection of fresh juices, warm baked bread, traditional Arabic cheeses, eggs and seasonal fruits will also be available.

Tama Restaurant

Launched in November 2021, Habitas AlUla embodies the brand’s six pillars: music, wellness, adventure, culture, learning, and culinary, all of which are meticulously developed to immerse guests within the region’s authentic culture and natural environment. This is illustrated through programming that accommodates art and culture walks, canyon trekking, yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Tama will host both iftar and suhoor daily throughout Ramadan.

Tama at Habitas AlUla, Ashar Valley, AlUla 43511. Iftar set menu, available daily from sunset onwards, SAR 350 per person. Suhoor set menu, available daily from 1am to 3am, SAR210 per person. Breakfast (7am to noon) and Lunch (noon to 5pm) will also be served discreetly at Tama daily throughout Ramadan. @our_habitas

Visit: ExperienceAlUla.com

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