You can now dine at Al Khobar's three new fine dining restaurants, including Nozomi

The other two dining concepts are Greek restaurant Hellenika and Belgravian Brasserie…

Foodies in the Eastern Province rejoice. Renowned global restaurateur Marios George, who’s also a pioneer of fine dining in Saudi Arabia, has partnered with Al Moajil Hospitality to launch three fine dining restaurants in Al Khobar.

The new restaurants are Nozomi; Greek restaurant Hellenika; and Belgravian Brasserie, and all three concepts opened their doors recently at Al Matal Complex, a popular beachfront destination.

Founded in 2004 in London by Marios, the Cavadore group opened its first Nozomi restaurant in Knightsbridge. In 2012, Nozomi opened in Riyadh, providing diners with a fusion of entertainment and fine dining. The Japanese restaurant concept has since closed its Riyadh location, but diners can now get their fix on the coastal side of Al Khobar.

Nozomi Al Khobar menu

Nozomi Al Khobar blends Japanese cuisine with French subtleties to create a unique la carte menu that has been designed exclusively for the outlet.

Hellenika Al Khobar

Meanwhile, the second restaurant Hellenika is Marios’ passion project inspired by the ingenuity of the Greek islands and zenith Aegean Sea. Hellenika offers a fresh market and home-style preparation. Diners can expect honest, flavourful food straight from the heart.

Belgravian Brasserie is the third dining concept, which pays homage to the traditional art deco brasseries of the 1920s found throughout France. The aesthetic and charm of the restaurant are enough to reel anyone in.

Belgravian Brasserie

The all-day dining destination boasts a menu that combines authentic French recipes, an “armoire de viandes” (gourmet meat parlour), seafood platters and modern flavours inspired by the Parisian gastronomy scene. You will also love the brasserie’s beautiful baked goods and pastries display.

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