5 reasons to visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia

Look forward to exciting activities this month…

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia has re-opened its doors for visitors as of May 9 (Monday). Housed within striking modernist architecture and flower-wreathed gardens, the National Museum exhibits everything from Neolithic rock art to replicas of the buildings of old Jeddah, as well as transporting visitors on a magically interactive tour of the ages.

Now, let’s talk about the five reasons you should visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

It shows a glimpse of the past

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia is a cultural landmark highlighting Saudi Arabia’s heritage and reflecting the history of its people through its expansive displays.

It explores the ancient civilisations that arose during the early, middle, and late Arab kingdoms, moving into the pre-Islamic era. Standout displays include some of the earliest Thamudic, Aramaic and Islamic writings carved into stone slabs, alongside a wealth of archaeological finds, such as murals from an Assyrian palace, ornate jewellery, and pottery.

So much to learn

As our history teacher taught us, primary sources are first-hand access to the subject of our research. The National Museum has over 3,700 antiquities, 45 models, 900 figurative works, and 45 films throughout eight exhibition halls themed around a different part of the region’s history, such as Saudi heritage, Islamic culture in Arabia, Arabian kingdoms, The Prophet’s Mission, and Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.


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You can make your way through the museum hallway along the yellow-dotted path as you explore the exhibits with their well-lit, informative, and interactive displays. So, if you’re looking for primary sources for your research about Saudi Arabian history and landscapes, the National Museum is full of them. Also, it’s the perfect place for expats who are new to the country.

A perfect place to unwind, too

National Museum gardens

We love that the museum is located in a beautiful park-like setting, where you can wander through the idyllic, lush outdoor gardens. Stroll around the path dotted with manicured lawns, benches and plenty of nooks from which to sit and people-watch. Plus, towards the south lies the Al Watan theme park, which attracts locals and tourists alike.

Pop by the Hall of King Abdulaziz

Love vintage cars? There is a showroom of old cars used by King Abdulaziz Al Saud, the founder of Saudi Arabia. Here, visitors will get to see up close the magnificent craftsmanship of a range of vehicles, with the most significant being the Rolls-Royce Phantom III All-Weather, a gift from Winston Churchill in 1946 to the King.

Lots of engaging activities this May

Look forward to exciting interactive programmes for May, designed to meet the interests of visitors and offer a rich experience.

The “Design your card” activity, held until June 4, allows visitors to get acquainted with Islamic decorations used in the old ages. You can then design your own congratulation or gratitude cards using the decorations that you like.

There is also the “Bookmark” programme, where visitors can make bookmarks inspired by the various plants that grow in the environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Lastly, the “Homeland bounties” event lets visitors utilise the bounties of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in manufacturing products, such as lavender and Saudi coffee, which are used to manufacture chemical-free natural scrubs.

A musical band will also perform a live show on May 26 between 4pm and 9pm.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia, King Saud Rd, Al Murabba, Riyadh 12631, Sat to Wed 9am to 7pm, Thurs 9am to 10pm & Fri 2pm to 10pm. SAR10 per person. @SaudiMuseum

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