Explore the perfumes of the East at this exhibition in Riyadh

Stop and smell the perfumes…

Perfumes are such a huge part of the Saudi culture, be it through bakhoor or unique notes, if it’s one thing you’ll find in the Kingdom, it’s great scents.

And now, we have an exhibition dedicated to exploring perfumes. Welcome to the Perfumes of the East Riyadh exhibition where visitors into an immersive journey, exploring the deep-rooted connection between the Arab world and perfumes.

Organized by the Institute du Monde Arabe as its first international stop, the exhibition will be happening at the National Museum of Saudi Arabia until Saturday September 14.

Embark on a sensory adventure, that’s designed as an intimate stroll through different spaces, first through nature, the streets of a town, and lastly inside a home.

Walk through the event and you can also discover the age-old traditions of perfume-making in the region.

The new exhibition highlights the profound cultural and historical impact of perfumes in the Arab world, by putting a spotlight on centuries-old rituals on the Arabian Peninsula, where precious aromatic materials were collected and traded with ancient civilizations. This old tradition fueled a passion for perfume that continues to be a part of the entire Arab world.

On display, you’ll also find 200 captivating artefacts and artworks, both ancient and contemporary, showcasing just how important the relationship between the Arab world and perfume has been.

Tickets for the event are already on sale for SAR29 here. The exhibition offers a varied educational and cultural experience. You can even attend workshops and seminars that delve into the composition of various perfumes, the intricate process of their creation, and the artistic design of perfume packaging.

Perfumes of the East, National Museum, King Saud Road, until Sat Sep 14, Sat to Wed 9am to 6pm, Thu 9am to 8pm, Fri 2pm to 8pm. dc.moc.gov.sa