A new modest activewear label launches in Saudi Arabia

The Modest Brand features a fashionable product line comprising classic essentials that take you from the gym to the street effortlessly…

If you’re after activewear that performs well, feels good and offers high coverage, there is a new modest fashion label in town.

Enter The Modest Brand. Made from eco-friendly fabrics, their range of athleisure wear has been carefully tailored for today’s modern women who want to dress modestly without compromising on style and comfort and still feel motivated.

Their first major collection is housed under three main concepts – Homest Feel (a combination of ‘home’ and ‘honest’), Beyond the Gym, and ATH Icons – which perfectly encapsulates the essence of athleisure wear while elevating it for everyday dressing.

The brand boasts classic staples such as T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters designed with longer cuts and looser silhouettes for that freedom of movement. Trousers come in various designs – from form-fitting and flared leggings to roomy joggers and versatile palazzo pants. They’re all made with functionality in mind, making dressing up that much more effortless.

Plus, the range includes easy-to-wear hijabs that come in a perfect length and fit and are made with cooling recycled material for breathability and comfort – ideal for those who have an active lifestyle.

The Modest Brand

Some of our favourites are the trench coats and cargo pants in earthy camel hues from Beyond the Gym collection. Whilst they take inspiration from streetwear, giving modest fashion that alluring style elevation, they also lend that utilitarian flair.

Modesty is a sartorial choice that is universally applicable to all who prefer it, and The Modest Brand sets the standard for what modest fitness apparel should look and feel like.

“The brand was kick-started in 2021 as we realised an increasing need for modest athleisure wear that’s fashionable and comfortable among today’s modern women,” says Sara Eiroa, creative director of The Modest Brand. “The modest wear industry is a booming market globally. While there are other prominent modest fashion brands around, we believe that our vision does not only cater to Muslim women but also inspire and empower all females across the globe to be well-received.”

Want to check out the brand’s collection? They’re currently on display at boutique fitness studio SPNBX’s latest location in Jeddah Yacht Club. If you like what you see, simply visit The Modest Brand website and enjoy special shopping privileges while you’re at it.

Visit: TheModestBrand.co

Images: Instagram