Wander through The Line’s immersive exhibition in Riyadh

The Line Experience is held at Diriyah Biennale Foundation in JAX District until end-April 2023…

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to live in NEOM’s futuristic city, The Line? You can immerse yourself in ‘The Line Experience’ as details of the project are now on full display at this public exhibition in Riyadh.

Located at the Diriyah Biennale Foundation – JAX District, the third edition of the exhibition, which runs until Saturday April 29, 2023, showcases NEOM’s futuristic city’s innovative urban designs.

It offers an enriching and engaging experience that takes visitors on an unparalleled journey, detailing urban living plans being implemented in the city and its unique architectural features. In addition, visitors receive an in-depth view of NEOM’s sectors and its surrounding natural landscapes, where people and technology will come together harmoniously with nature.

There are five zones around the exhibition, and visitors are also shown visual presentations and informative films revolving around the 170km-long vertical city. You can also get first-hand insights from the guided tours available in Arabic and English.

The Line displays

1. NEOM & The Line

Upon entering the exhibition, the first zone provides a brief introduction to NEOM, the revolutionary land of the future taking shape in north-western Saudi Arabia, and its projects, such as Trojena mountain resort city, Oxagon, a city floating on water spanning seven kilometres, and of course, The Line.

2. The Hidden Marina

The second zone brings visitors to the marina, part of phase one of The Line project.

3. Liveability Principles

The Line urban living plans

Inside this third zone, you’ll find visuals displaying The Line’s residential, retail and leisure areas. The different functions will be stacked in an arrangement described by the city’s creators as Zero Gravity Urbanism. Unlike any other tall buildings, this concept layers public parks and pedestrian areas, schools, homes, and places for work, so that one can move seamlessly in the city in three directions – up, down, and across – and have access to all facilities within a five-minute walk. You’ll also see how parks placed between the two linear blocks will be connected by multiple bridges and topped with more green spaces.

4. NEOM Flora

Here, visitors will learn about the different kinds of unique and rare flora that will be grown in The Line, as well as the vegetation aspect.

5. The Mirror Line

The Line Experience

At the last zone of the exhibition, visitors can explore the spectacular architectural scale models and exhibits, containing spaces for work, play and living, and designs of The Line, which provide levels of detail that reinforce the ambition of the vision for this new urban environment. Learn about the architects behind this ambitious project and grasp the scope and complexity of the project’s concepts and engineering capabilities first-hand.

The Line Experience, until Apr 29, 2023, Sun to Wed 9am to 11pm, Thurs & Sat 9am to midnight, Fri 3pm to midnight. Free entry, but you must register your visit here. @discoverneom

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