Climb to new highs with the brand-new AlUla Stairway

Do you dare?

Lace up your trainers and head out to AlUla for some unique experiences. If you like living life on the edge, get ready to live it out on the skies with the AlUla Stairway.

The stunning AlUla Stairway is a 45-metre-long ladder where you can soak in incredible views of the AlUla skyline. Once you reach the top you can take the breathtaking 150-metre zipline to the canyon. It’s also yet another first in Saudi Arabia according to The National.

The thrilling experience will be available from Thursday March 23 until Thursday April 20. You can book your spot here for SAR150 per person.

The experience will last for an hour and the minimum age to be able to take part would be 12. Categorised as high on the difficulty level, this is certainly not for the faint-hearted as a waiver will be signed upon entry.

Terms and conditions do apply for the massive experience, the participant needs to be a minimum of 110 centimetres and a maximum weight of 100 kilograms (minimum is 20 kilograms).

Previously, AlUla has seen hot air balloon rides and stays at Khaybar Volcano Camp which is a new luxury eco-lodge concept that the city welcomed back in December 2022. The city was also the opening ground for the second female-only Rally Jameel.

AlUla has been attracting a multitude of events and cool restaurants lately. There’s also the first-ever AlUla Camel Cup galloping into town and the first Andy Warhol exhibition in Saudi Arabia showing in the city too. 

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? We’ll see you out in the skies. Next stop: the clouds.

AlUla Stairway, Warrior Adventure Hub Tue, Thu, Fri 1pm, Wed 3pm, Sat 2pm. @experiencealula

Images: Social/Website