Saudi Arabia to mark a special Flag Day in March

His Royal Highness King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud issued a royal order…

Wave your flags, and wave them high. March 11 will be known as Saudi Flag Day Kingdom-wide moving forward.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, it has been decreed by the King that day will be celebrated in honour of the former King Abdulaziz endorsing the flag on March 11, 1937.

The royal decree states: “The value of the national flag extends throughout the history of the Saudi state, since its founding in 1139 AH – 1727 AD, which bears the Islamic declaration of faith in the middle, symbolizing the message of peace, and the religion of Islam, on which this blessed state was based.” SPA reported.

Additionally, the day will be celebrating the flag as a symbol of monotheism, justice, strength, development and prosperity.

The announcement follows the celebration of the second Founding Day on February 22, 2023. Founding Day celebrates the rich history of Saudi Arabia, which can be traced back to three centuries ago. That’s when Imam Muhammad bin Saud founded and established the first Saudi state in 1727.

The Founding Day celebrations saw tonnes of themed fantastic foodie treats and exciting things to do. So we can only imagine what this day has in store for all of us here in the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, you and the gang can check out all the things happening around the country like a free Desert Truffle Festival, get tickets for the cool new Travis Scott concert and saddle up for the first-ever AlUla Camel Cup too.

Cue the celebrations.

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