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5 reasons to visit AlUla this Ramadan

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This Ramadan, make sure you make time for reflection and gathering with loved ones. AlUla has an exceptional programme of events and activities to help you achieve just that this Holy Month. Here are five reasons to visit AlUla this Ramadan:

Arts and culture

During Ramadan, AlUla offers unique stargazing experiences for visitors to enjoy the vast beauty of its countless constellations. Starting in the Gharameel area, you’ll enjoy iftar and a guided tour starting at 4:30 pm, priced at SAR330+VAT for adults and SAR275+VAT for children. Special events include Ramadan performances with the Al Mesaharaty drummer and other cultural heritage elements, such as Old Town Stories featuring local storytellers, and Poetry Nights inspired by AlUla’s Samaritan poetry – one of AlUla’s most distinctive folkloric traditions and accompanied by musical instruments, all taking place on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at various times late in the evening.


AlUla, rich in heritage from kingdoms like Dadan and Lihyan to the Nabataean trading hubs, was a vital incense-trading crossroads. Its fertile oases and hospitable people make it a welcoming place. Dadan dates back to the 9th to 8th century BCE and 5th to 2nd century BCE.

At Jabal Ikmah, you’ll witness the highest concentration AlUla’s numerous pre-Arabic inscriptions, which are crucial for studying the Arabic language. Be sure to also visit Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, to explore over 110 well-preserved tombs, wells, and water channels, showcasing the ancient culture and Roman influence in AlUla.


Tama Habitas AlUla

Make this Ramadan memorable with various iftar and suhoor packages in AlUla. Break your fast at picturesque restaurant Harrat, which features regional and international cuisine, including mezze, shawarma, mandi, mixed grills, and Thai dishes, priced at SAR450 per person. Experience iftar set against the dramatic backdrop of the Ashar Valley at Habitas AlUla’s Tama, offering a traditional menu with local ingredients and spices, as well as fresh bread, seasonal fruit, and regional specialties for suhoor.

Discover more about AlUla’s iftars here.


Experience AlUla Oasis, with traditional food stalls and a comfortable seating area reflecting local traditions, where you can sit with locals, sip on Arabic coffee or fresh orange juice. Explore the Heritage Oasis Trail, a picturesque walk featuring date palms, mud brick houses, farms, and ancient city walls. Mingle with locals, savor Arabic coffee or fresh juice, and enjoy the leisurely pace. The free trail stretches almost three kilometers and is open day and night. Take long or short strolls, capture Instagram-worthy shots, and relax on palm swings or at seating areas along the way.


Book a staycation at Banyan Tree AlUla, a Thai-born wellness sanctuary in Ashar Valley, offering a luxurious Ramadan Staycation package with curated culinary and wellness experiences. Enjoy iftar, in-villa suhoor, mini-bar refills, yoga, meditation, and a 60-minute spa treatment.

Or check into Habitas AlUla, a stylish desert resort with special Ramadan programming, including iftar under the stars and suhoor. Stay one night for access to seasonal activities, and extend to two nights for a 30-minute couples’ massage. Both resorts provide a relaxing escape after a day of adventure in AlUla.

Sahary AlUla also has discounted rates across Al Ghazal and Al Reem room categories, each equipped with its own terrace. While Shaden Resort has superior room rates starting from SAR 1,150 until Ramadan 15, inclusive of iftar and suhoor.

For more information about staycations, click here.