First Look: Asmak Wadi El Nile

A seafood lover’s dream…

Seafood is popular, no scratch that, really popular in Riyadh. And while we do have restaurants specialising in the delicacies, we don’t necessarily have contemporary upscale restaurants serving the fare. Enter: Asmak Wadi El Nile Riyadh.

Supplied by Asmak Wadi El Nile 

MJS Investments’ latest restaurant venture (after RÜYA Riyadh), Asmak Wadi El Nile is the place to be if you’re at all into seafood. The venue is super expansive with booth and table seating choices, along with a solid nautical theme throughout the space.

Supplied by Asmak Wadi El Nile

The airy space has wooden flooring, beautiful artworks all over the walls, and a vibrant display of buoys adding to the playful and relaxed atmosphere of the space. The restaurant seems to be the perfect mid-week escape for those times when you want some good food and good vibes.

Supplied by Asmak Wadi El Nile

Walk through the venue and make your way towards the chilled seafood display, that’s a must-see, and it’s also the main area where you pick all the fish, shrimp, and lobsters you could possibly want to chow down on. Fried, grilled, or encrusted in sea salt, you can even take your pick on how you want the fresh seafood to be cooked.

Supplied by Asmak Wadi El Nile

And if you’re unsure of what you’re after, allow the friendly staff to help you out. These people really know their stuff so you’ll surely be in safe hands.

The drinks…

The in-house all-marble bar is a powerhouse of top-tier mojitos and mocktails and churns out some pretty amazing drinks, and one you can’t miss is the Saudi Champagne which is served up with diced fresh fruits.

It’s a venue best enjoyed with family or a group of friends as everything is served to share. So grab the gang and head on down.

For more information please visit:@wadielnileksa

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