Beefbar Riyadh: 5 reasons that keep us coming back

The Monte Carlo import brings together a few of the best things in life: gorgeous design, exceptional service, and quality cuts of meat…

It’s a daunting task to review a restaurant which you already have a soft spot for. But our recent visit to Beefbar Riyadh has confirmed that since its opening last year, it has reinforced its position as one of the go-tos for meaty madness. If anything, it only solidifies its status in our books.

Moreover, there’s already a plethora of steakhouses in town. But if you want to be impressed by more than just the meat, Beefbar also offers starters, sides, and desserts that are a cut above.

And if you still haven’t been, here are five reasons you should visit Beefbar Riyadh.

Decor-wise, Beefbar checks all the right boxes


Step inside Beefbar and the luxe interiors will immediately strike you. Drifting away from the stereotypical steakhouse aesthetic, Beefbar surprises guests with a luxurious but comfortable atmosphere and a warm, relaxing aura. Plush seating with floral motifs anchors the main dining room and serves as a counterpoint to lavish swathes of marble and brass accents, while wood finishings add a touch of the luxe life. It evokes emotions of splendour with its harmonious designs incorporating a classic Parisian brasserie, art deco, and even modern industrial elements, resulting in a truly grand and impressive space.

Dine on top-quality food

Beefbar Riyadh has continued to serve up feel-good sharing-style plates in a sophisticated setting. Regulars would already sample some of its staple dishes, including Goma spinach salad (SAR65), crispy rock corn tempura (SAR60), the lobster roll (SAR160), and the Filet Au Poivre Du Paradis (SAR475) – which we have reviewed here in our previous visit. Everything is an exact reflection of our expectations and memory.

Beefbar Bao Buns

So, this time round, we’ll highlight a few standouts. First up are the steamed bao buns with jasmine tea smoked wagyu beef (SAR115). The taste is strong and simply grips you right from the get-go – from the fragrant jasmine tea to the tender texture of the wagyu beef, it is the perfect bite-sized indulgence.

On to the wagyu beef tacos (SAR75): The wagyu beef is exquisitely tender with a silky texture, and the pop of habanero chilli helps to cut through the meat’s richness. Meanwhile, the miso black beef (SAR195) – the beef version of the famous black cod – is truly a rustic take in which East Asian flavours dominate the dish.

Beefbar Gemista

Here’s our personal favourite: the Gemista (SAR135), stuffed bell pepper, onion, and tomato, served with roasted potatoes. It’s a classic Greek dish that Chef Stelios Arakas has just introduced on the menu. Simple and unpretentious, this dish is easy to fall in love with. It is a comforting, hearty dish, bursting with fresh, vibrant colours and flavours. Plus, the charring brings out a pleasant natural sweetness.

Beefbar Calamari Crunch

While the restaurant may have “beef” in its name, you can also count on Beefbar for succulent seafood. Try the calamari crunch (SAR180), crunchy calamari coated in tempura and dry curry. The dry curry is definitely a surprise element, but the sweetness of the calamari comes through, playing a part as both the binding element and textural component for the dish.

A fine dining restaurant should serve top-quality food, and you can expect nothing less at Beefbar Riyadh.

Pair your meal with handcrafted mocktails

One could argue that a fine dining restaurant is only as good as its beverage list. If you’d like to enjoy a sophisticated mocktail, you have plenty of options here. For those who love tart and sour drinks, try the Red Velvet Tea (SAR60), which has floral notes of hibiscus and hints of passionfruit and lemon. Meanwhile, Moscow Mule drinkers will love the Ginger Julep (SAR60) for its refreshing take on a classic. And these are just a couple of its most popular offerings.

Bask in a refined atmosphere and flawless service

The moment you set foot in the restaurant, you’ll know that you’re somewhere special. The mood lighting and tasteful decor come together to create an upscale vibe. And as a restaurant with branches across the globe, we expect absolutely stellar service, and that is indeed what we get.

Get into the groove without leaving your seat


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Beefbar isn’t just a sight to look at; the venue also brings music to our ears with their live music. Its current music series means you’re able to catch performances every Wednesday at 8.30pm. Sway to the soulful music played by a live violinist and electrifying beats by its resident DJ to amplify your nights even further, all while enjoying sharing plates and drinks.

Beefbar Riyadh, 8712 Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St, 4237, Riyadh 12223, Sat to Wed 1pm to midnight, Thurs & Fri 1pm to 12.30am. @beefbar_riyadh

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