Here's what to expect as BLVD World returns to Riyadh Season 2023

The largest Riyadh Season zone brings together 14 countries this year…

If you haven’t heard, Boulevard World (also known as BLVD World) is back for this coming Riyadh Season. In keeping with the new Riyadh Season 2023 theme of Big Time, Boulevard World 2023 will be bigger and better in grandeur and scale.

BLVD World

Set to open on Thursday November 2, Boulevard World will be 40 per cent bigger than last year, and you can look forward to four new areas covering an area of one million square metres. The new areas include a shopping area with over 1,180 shops, 120 restaurants and cafés and various shows and entertainment experiences.

Built in just 82 days, Boulevard World is considered Riyadh Season’s largest and most ambitious project to date. It’s perfect for experiencing a world of culture without ever leaving Riyadh.

Here’s what to expect as BLVD World returns to Riyadh Season 2023 on November 2.

Located adjacent to Boulevard Riyadh City, Boulevard World 2023 will feature 15 sub-zones compared to last year’s 11.

Boulevard World

A total of 14 sub-zones will be dedicated to a different country from across the globe, celebrating the best of that destination’s shopping, culinary and cultural experiences. Each country’s zone varies in size, but each one is designed to look and feel quintessentially like the best bits from that destination. That includes signature foods, souvenirs and music.

Last year, the countries you could visit at Boulevard World were China, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

You can expect the same destinations this year but with the addition of three new ones: Egypt, Thailand, and all the countries of the Levant.

BLVD Lagoon

BLVD World is all set out around the largest man-made lake in the world, which visitors can enjoy with gondolas to cruise around the Venetian canals, water taxis, floating doughnut boats, Amphicars (the car will drive into the water and turn into a boat), and even the semi-submarine rides.

During your trip out on the water, be sure to look out for the Pirates of BLVD Lake, a ship believed to have been buried for hundreds of years, which suddenly appears on the lake’s surface.

But if you rather enjoy the spectacular lakeside view, take a stroll around the BLVD Pier instead.

The Fun Zone

This sub-zone is dedicated to young children, where they can enjoy three different interactive experiences. For instance, the PlayOCity entertainment centre is an indoor experience where young guests can explore the wonders and excitement of beloved Hasbro characters, such as Power Rangers, My Little Pony, Transformers, and more.

cocomelon BLVD World

In Cocomelon Playdate, you are invited to discover the world of Cocomelon in real life through interactive play and learning. Meet JJ and Cody and learn and explore by playing together. Meanwhile, it’s slime time over at the Cyber Slime wonderland, where you can participate in slime-based challenges.

The Planet

Within this area, you’ll find six different experiences. Located inside a giant ball is The Planet Experience, which houses a 360-degree circular screen that lights up Riyadh completely.

Step into the virtual realm of Metaworld VR, get up close to rare, beautiful animals at the BLVD Forest or watch a dolphin show at the BLVD Dolphinarium – these are some highlights at The Planet.

carnival games BLVD World

For some amusement, challenge yourself and your squad with a variety of engaging, Skill-based Carnival Games for the chance to take home fantastic prizes or enjoy a boat ride at the Amazonia Awakens, where it rises 20 metres above ground before plunging into a pool of water and making a spectacular splash.

Combat Village

This popular attraction returns, so get ready for an epic adventure. Check out the Line of Fire, a shooting range that offers a variety of guns and uses real bullets; the Battle Dome for some exciting laser tag battles; a Survival Race car racing in a post-apocalyptic setting; and Top Shot, an adrenaline-pumping activity that simulates combat scenarios using replica firearms.

There’s also the War Castle, a medieval theme park simulator featuring a dragon’s dungeon maze, sword duels, an archery arena and more.

Other rides, entertainment and attractions

Within all of the sub-zones, there are larger attractions – which, like last year, we’re pretty sure you’ll need to book tickets for – encompassing rides, entertainment zones and fun challenges. These include Monopoly Lifesized, where you become a piece on the board as you challenge your mates to see who can become a property mogul; Mummy Quest – The Lost Temple, where you embark on an archaeological adventure and decipher the secrets of an ancient cemetery; and a Horror Hotel, a classic spooky tour through an eerie haunted hotel for those who dare…

Monopoly Lifesized

Speaking of horror, you can find a replica of The Island of the Dolls in the Mexico zone. But whatever you do, don’t take one away with you.

From aerial obstacles to feeling the rush of roller coasters, BLVD World is also filled with adrenaline-racing thrills that will fuel your quest for excitement. Adrenalin junkies can head to the 16-seater Taxi Mania rollercoaster; SkyLoop, the world’s longest mobile roller coaster, which propels you at a speed of 110kph; Around the World, where you fly to a height of 50 metres and simultaneously paraglide and swing; and Wave Swinger for a thrill.

taxi mania BLVD world

You can also enjoy a gravity-defying experience and take flight with the Superfly sessions. Families with younger children can ride the Giant Wheel R60 and take in the stunning views of Riyadh city.

Pop by King Tut Museum, an immersive interactive cinematic experience that takes you on a mythical journey through the Egyptian afterlife.

Feeling peckish whilst in BLVD World? There are about 38 restaurants and food options available to sort you out. Some of the must-try places include Baytoti, Eataly, OverJar, Kutlet, Fish & Chips, and The Paella Pop-Up. Just don’t puke on the rides.

cable car BLVD World

And once you’re done travelling around the world at the largest Riyadh Season Zone, why not take the Cable Car ride and check out the connecting BLVD City, previously known as Boulevard Riyadh City? You’ll enjoy the breathtaking, panoramic journey from above.

Admission tickets and opening hours for BLVD World have yet to be announced, but stay tuned to What’s On Saudi Arabia for the latest updates.

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