Explore new flavours at The Hidden Table in Riyadh

Your weekend plans are sorted…

Riyadh is known for its fun and unique dining experiences. With major restaurants like Carbone, Flamingo Room, and Tatel joining the scene in the capital, it’s safe to say you can expect the best of the best when it comes to foodie experiences in the capital. And now you can check out The Hidden Table in Riyadh.

This weekend, starting on Thursday November 9 until Saturday November 11, you can dig into a wide variety of delicious food.

This will be the fourth Hidden Table experience; the first one happened towards the end of October and featured Chef Maxime and Chef Noura Moammar cooking up a storm at Tuwaiq Palace.

Hosted by the Saudi Culinary Commission, the luxurious dining experience is complete with live shows by local and Michelin-starred chefs. The aim of the new venture is to highlight the rich diversity of Saudi cuisine and enable Saudi chefs to exchange knowledge with international chefs.

Each week of The Hidden Table will see a Michelin-starred chef collaborate with a Saudi chef to prepare dishes that blend Saudi and international flavours. The dishes will then be presented to an exclusive group of 30 guests.

This will be the last weekend that the unique dinner table will open for business, where Chef Abdulrahman Enani and Chef Martijn Kajuiter will be taking you on a journey through the cuisine in Jax District Diriyah.

Book your table now for SAR1,500 here. Doors for the exciting event will open at 8pm and close at 9.30pm.

The Hidden Table, Jax District, Diriyah, 8pm to midnight. Book your table now for SAR1,500 here.