Opening in 2025: Six Flags Qiddiya City is coming by sooner than you think

The theme park will feature six immersive lands with 28 rides and attractions, including the world’s longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster…

Thrill-seekers will soon have a new paradise destination to travel to – Six Flags Qiddiya City.

Located in the shadow of the breathtaking Tuwaiq Mountains, Six Flags Qiddiya City is a thrill park that will push the boundaries of the possible with five world record-breaking rides, including the Falcons Flight, the world’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster, which will run parallel to the F1 track.

The good news? Six Flags Qiddiya City is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in 2025, alongside the newly announced Aquarabia, the first water theme park of its kind in Saudi Arabia and the largest in the region.

Discover a realm of adventures

Six Flags Qiddiya City aerial night view

The 320,000-square-metre Six Flags Qiddiya City will be the first Six Flags outside North America. Uniquely tailored to Qiddiya City and Saudi Arabia, the park’s theme and lands are inspired by the Kingdom’s culture.

Six Flags Qiddiya City will have 28 rides and attractions, of which 10 will be thrill rides and the remaining 18 rides designed for families and young children.

What can we expect from this exciting new theme park?

Six Flags Qiddiya City will feature five world record breaking coasters. It includes Sirocco Tower, the world’s tallest free standing shot tower ride; Gyropsin, the world’s tallest pendulum ride; Spitfire, the world’s tallest inverted top hat coaster; Iron Rattler, the world’s tallest tilt coaster, and lastly, the Falcons Flight, the world’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster, which will run parallel to the F1 track.

The rides and attractions at the theme park will be spread across six immersive themed lands: Steam Town, City of Thrills, Twilight Gardens, Grand Exposition, Discovery Springs, and Valley of Fortune.

The park’s central hub will be the Citadel, which will be covered by a billowing canopy form inspired by traditional Bedouin tents. Home to a wide range of cafes and shops, the venue will transform into an interactive show space throughout the day. From here, visitors will find gateways to each of the uniquely themed lands.

Steam Town

Iron Rattler - Steam Town Six Floags Qiddiya City

Discover Steam Town, a land of gears, contraptions and whimsical thrills for the whole family, dreamed up by chief engineer and inventor, Dr. Screemore. Its signature ride is the Iron Rattler, a hydraulic lift that releases passengers into a freefall plunge through a narrow, steam-filled mineshaft. Other key attractions include the Saw Mill Falls, a thrilling whitewater adventure on a part roller coaster, part boat; a Sprockenator multi-directional tower ride; a spinning ride called the Steel Stampede, and an Adventure Junction, an interactive play area for young adventurers.

City of Thrills

Sirocco Tower - City of Thrills Six Flags Qiddiya City

Enter the heart-pounding metropolis known as City of Thrills, where adrenaline seekers unite in search of record-breaking, high-octane experiences. Get ready to push your limits and challenge the city’s tallest and fastest rides, ensuring an unforgettable day of pure, pulse-pounding excitement. Here, visitors will find Six Flags Qiddiya City’s most recognisable and anticipated thrill rides, including the record-breaking Falcons Flight, the Sirocco Tower drop tower ride, Adrena-Line, a fast-moving suspended coaster, and the Windrider glider.

Discovery Springs

Six Flags Qiddiya Discovery Springs

Welcome to an aquatic wonderland of waterfalls, aqueducts, and geysers, as well as exotic plants and trees. This oasis offers visitors relief from the summer heat by creating the feel of dense rainforest in the middle of the desert. In addition, it will be home to an interactive ride called the Sea Stallion, where riders are propelled over rivers, behind waterfalls, and through trees along a custom-designed course, as they control the speed and acceleration of their vehicle.

Twilight Gardens

Twilight Gardens Six Flags Qiddiya City

Step into the enchanting world of Twilight Gardens, where the magic of twilight comes alive in a playground of wonder for children and the young at heart. This enchanted land’s key features include the Twilight Express roller coaster for kids, the Amirat Al Buhayra water play ride, the Enchanted Greenhouse, an interactive dark ride experience, and the Kaleidoscope hot air balloon ride.

Grand Exposition

Six Flags Qiddiya Grand expositionMarvel at wonders from across the globe at the world-famous Grand Exposition. Here, the spirit of iconic World’s Fairs from the past comes to life with dazzling exhibits, awe-inspiring inventions, and jaw-dropping performances. Get ready to journey through time and witness marvels that captivate and inspire the future of humankind. This zone also features Six Flags’ classic and most loved coaster Colossus, a gravity-driven wood-steel hybrid coaster that stretches over an 800-metre track, and the Gyrospin, which swings riders to record heights. Other attractions include the Arabian Carousel, the Roundabout bumper car ride, and the Expo Flyer swing ride.

Discovery Springs

Zoomaflooma at Discovery Springs Six Flags Qiddiya City

Dive into the deepest underwater caverns, float among the sea life, or relax by the shore. Discovery Springs promises all that water brings: heart-pounding excitement on thrilling rides alongside the serenity of the steady tide. Climb aboard the flying Sea Stallion, the tallest and fastest rider-controlled coaster in the world, or go on an exciting, uphill river adventure aboard Zoomaflooma log flume ride. There’s also the Big Splash, Into the Deep interactive dark ride experience, Water Wheel spinning ride for the young guests, and Aquatopia, an interactive water playground for young adventurers.

Valley of Fortune

Six Flags Qiddiya Valley of Fortune

Many have tried and failed to discover the buried treasure, but still the search continues. Will you be the first to discover the secrets of Valley of Fortune? Join explorers from far and wide to uncover symbols and decode painted icons carved into the stone. Its signature attraction is Spitfire, a triple-launch coaster that launches you over 73 metres into the air. Other attractions include Skywatch, a hydraulic ride that rises above the park, the Canyon Charters, a plane ride for young aviators, and the Treasure Trail, where you can hop aboard your very own jeep and go on a treasure hunt adventure ride.

Seamlessly integrated into Qiddiya City

Six Flags Qiddiya City and Aquarabia are only one part of Qiddiya City, the world’s leading destination that brings play to life. Visitors will find a unique selection of exhilarating activities nestled between both parks. Uniquely, the Speed Park Track will run beneath Aquarabia Hotel’s rooftop pool, offering an unparalleled view from above.

waterpark hotel Qiddiya City

Both theme parks are seamlessly connected, ensuring that in Qiddiya City, the fun is never done. Through innovative design and infrastructure, visitors will be able to move effortlessly between both parks, minimising journey time and maximising enjoyment.

A weekend in Qiddiya City will offer families, friends and solo travellers a huge range of entertainment options all within a short walk. Six Flags Qiddiya City and Aquarabia will be one step away from a vibrant neighbourhood, comprising a broad range of hotels, dining options, and even a green oasis to help you recharge and unwind between exhilarating rides and adrenaline-pumping experiences.

Images: Supplied / SixFlagsQiddiyaCity.com