Here is where you can get Dubai's viral chocolate bar in Riyadh

Grab the cameras…

Recently Dubai went through a massive trend where stuffed chocolate bars made their way across social media. The bars were mostly stuffed with what looked to be pistachio filling and crunchy kunafa vermicelli, and they have now made their way to Riyadh. This is where you can get Dubai’s viral chocolate bar in Riyadh.

Lava Cake


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Located in the Al Sahafah district, Lava Cake serves the viral treat as seen on TikTok. Think perfectly delicious milk chocolate stuffed with thick pistachio filling paired with crunchy vermicelli noodles.

Lava Cake, As Sahafah, daily 9am to midnight, SAR25. @lavacake.ksa

AlMamlaka Sweets

Blink and you may miss these. Tucked away amongst the many many desserts at AlMamlaka Sweets, this chocolate can be found by the counter along with other flavours.

AlMamlaka Sweets,  Al Imam Al Shafei, Ar Rayyan, 1pm to 11pm. @almamlaka1980

Manuel Markets

Might be one of the best deals for your buck if you want to jump on the trend on a budget. Priced at SAR14, this crunchy kunafa chocolate bar with pistachio is available at Manuel Market locations in Riyadh. You can also try out the tasty crunchy kunafa chocolate stuffed with pecan too.

Manuel Market, Prince Muqrin Ibn Abdulaziz St, An Nuzhah and RPHG+MQ،, Qurtubah, daily 6am to 2am. @manuelmarkets

Cocy Pie


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An online order-only local business, Cocy&Pie serves all kinds of sweets, now including the pistachio-stuffed chocolate bar in a box for SAR60. You can get your orders through The Chefz and get delivery to all neighbourhoods in Riyadh.

cocy&pie, Order through The Chefz, daily 9am to 10pm. @cocy.pie

Rose Sweets

Possibly one of the first brands to bring the viral chocolate bar to the capital, Rose Sweets serves the treats for SAR24. The hive-shaped bar is one of the most popular chocolates the store has to offer, although we’d ask you to also check out the ma’amoul too.

Rose Sweets, multiple locations, Sat to Thu 8am to 11.30pm, Fri 1pm to 11.30pm. @rosesweets_sa

Nchy Brand


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On the pricier side of things, NCHY is the one we think is the closest to the Dubai version. Serving three versions of the bar including pistachio, crunchy hazelnut, and pecan and peanut, for SAR69 and SAR86. Order yours through The Chefz and Ninja.

NCHY, Order through The Chez and Ninja. @nchy.sa