Cool off this summer at Aseer Season 2024

The festival has already kicked off…

If you’ve been wanting to beat the gruelling heat in Riyadh without leaving the country, the picturesque province of Aseer is your place to be.

Aseer Season 2024 began on July 1 and will go on until September 1, offers a delightful range of music, dining, and family-friendly activities, promising weeks of excitement and entertainment for visitors of all ages.

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The season includes a range of paid and free events. Events that you can currently go to include a Tawg Country Village, which is a beautiful garden with tonnes of spaces you and the gang check out for free. A Liwan farm experience with six rooms for rent at the country inn, so you can enjoy the country life first-hand.

The Basta is where you can check out old houses, antique furniture, and old life in an old neighborhood called Bstah Al-Qabil.

You can also explore the history of cowboys by experiencing the life of the American West and learn about the life of cowboys in a visual and sensory simulation.

There are also multiple restaurants and cafes you can check out including the Black Box Cafe, Asib Oasis and Historical Tabab.

Pristine nature, the source of its abundant resources, has been a feature of the Aseer region for decades. With Aseer Season 2024– part of the Saudi Seasons initiatives – taking place, now’s the perfect time to plan a trip to the southwest of Saudi Arabia.

Aseer Season 2024, Jul 1 to Sep 1. discoveraseer.com