26 amazing apps you need to download when in Saudi

The country loves its apps…

When you’re in a country full of people always on their phones, there are bound to be apps for basically everything. Stranded without fuel? There’s an app for that. Need to keep track of all your documents? There’s an app for that.

It’s safe to say that if you’re missing something major, you can click a few buttons and be on your way. Here are all the Saudi apps you need to have on your phone.


Absher is definitely a must-have on your phone whether you’re a resident or citizen of the Kingdom. The app connects you to a variety of services like Iqama and National ID renewal, registering newborns, checking your insurance status, and so much more.




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Originally hailing from Estonia, Bolt has become an increasingly popular ride-hailing app in the Kingdom. You can secure a ride within minutes and get to your destination asap.




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Want to secure restaurant-quality food for half the price? Who wouldn’t? That’s why you need to have Barakah on your phone. The app sells unused fresh food that would otherwise go to waste, Barakah aims to control the amount of food waste the Kingdom sees every day.


If you’ve woken up with bare cupboards and don’t feel like going grocery shopping, why not have them delivered straight to your door? Download the Carrefour app and pick between scheduled or express delivery (order will be delivered in under 60 minutes) of your goods.


Clean Line


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Clean Line was designed to make your life easy. If you’re stuck with a load of laundry and no way to do it, you can just install the on-demand dry cleaning and laundry service app Clean Line and get free pickups and dropoffs to the location of your choice.



Another grocery app in the Kingdom, Ninja is your one-stop shop for everything from skincare, produce and even coffee plus so much 24/7, in minutes.




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Divided into Nana Express, Nana Hyper, Nana Charity, and Nana Card, this platform aims to redefine the concept of delivering groceries altogether. Nana Express delivers orders within 30 minutes, Hyper delivers over 17,000 products between specific times.




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Urpay is a digital wallet that offers you a variety of financial services and different payment methods including making local and international transfers, and when you use the app you get cashback and more.




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The only official app to get tickets for all the massive Jeddah and Riyadh Season events, Webook allows you to send tickets to other people too, and book the biggest sporting events and concerts, to padel courts or restaurants.




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Careem is well and truly the Everything app in Saudi. Functioning as a ride-hailing, grocery-shopping, inter-city transport, food delivery, and home cleaning app, Careem is definitely something you need to have on your phone.




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The first Saudi food delivery app in the region, Hungerstation has over 2000 restaurants you can order food from, plus quickmarket where you can order snacks, and florist shops and pharmacies you can get essentials from as well.



Jahez is yet another amazing food delivery application here in Saudi. The app even allows home chefs to display and deliver their homemade products on the app, along with having everyone’s fave restaurants too.




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Stuck at home with no gas for your stove? You don’t have to worry about it. Just install the Gasable app and pick from the options of cylinders available and then wait for the delivery.




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Planning a trip to the holy sites? Nusuk is set to be your best friend. It’s the first official planning, booking and experience platform, to create your Hajj or Umrah itinerary to Makkah and Madina.




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Think of the equivalent PayPal in Saudi and you’ve got STCPay. All you need is a Saudi phone number to register and you can then transfer money to friends and family easily, pay bills, track your spending habits and even send split receipts to people.



Sehaty used to be the go-to platform for all things COVID-19 alongside Tawakkalna. Since the end of the pandemic, it’s become more of a unified platform for the Ministry of Health. Citizens and residents can review sick leaves, and reports, get appointments and immediate consultations and so much more.




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Approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health, Labayh is an online therapy platform where you can book emergency appointments and regular appointments with therapists and psychiatrists and join support groups too.



The largest delivery platform in the region, Mrsool covers all types of stores and restaurants across all areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can also send packages and gifts through the app too.




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This app has to be one of the most used apps in Saudi. Once you add your bank card to the app you can go ahead and leave the wallet at home and pay with your phone.




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Middle East’s leading online shopping destination Noon might be one of the most used ones in the city. You can shop for everything from skincare to clothing and gadgets.



Ego is a Saudi-made ride-hailing app providing affordable everyday trips to everywhere you need to be.



Offering three different kinds of options when it comes to rides, Jeeny is a popular choice for many in Riyadh. You can ride in the affordable Economy class, Taxi, or Tawfeer.




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This one of the Saudi apps is definitely going to be one you want to bookmark for the next time you’re caught in a pinch. Providing roadside assistance like towing, tire, battery, fuel, and locksmith services for your car.




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Uber is one of the most trustworthy ride-hailing Saudi apps in the Kingdom and globally. You can ride now or reserve a trip for a later time, make travel plans that can be synced with the calendars on your phone and more.


Tawakkalna Services

While Tawakkalna Services was initially launched as Saudi’s very own COVID-19 tracing app, now it’s so much more than that. The Tawakkalna Services app can be used to get a driving license, insurance documentation, passport requests, a digital wallet approved by government authorities, charity donations, data correction, and information verification.



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