5 off-the-beaten-track summer adventures in Saudi Arabia

Start planning your Arabian adventure this summer…

From mountain hikes to undisturbed islands, these Saudi Arabian destinations should be high on your hit list. This summer, escape to cooler climes with these five off-the-beaten-track adventures in Saudi Arabia.



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The Middle East or the Maldives? With its cerulean seas and sugar-white sands, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d landed in the latter. This postcard-perfect town on the edge of the Red Sea is home to more than 100 islands and, for now, it is still largely undiscovered. Swim, snorkel and scuba the crystal-clear waters – and get in now before word gets out.

Al Habala


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One of Saudi Arabia’s true wonders, Al Habala in the Asir region is known as ‘the Hanging Village’. It takes its name from the sandstone houses that were hewn out of the rock face 370 years ago, which are accessible only via rope ladders, or habal. It’s fast becoming a favourite destination for rock climbing and slack lining. During the summer months, from May to October, you can reach the village via cable car.

Wadi Al-Disah


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With a name that literally means ‘Valley of the palm trees’, this mountainous region, a 90-minute drive south of Tabuk, promises a back-to-nature escape in summer. Regarded as the Grand Canyon of Saudi Arabia, Wadi Al-Disah is still a largely undiscovered destination. Hike or 4WD along the 15-kilometre valley floor, ogling the 500-metre-high cliffs – or try your hand at rock climbing. Note, there’s no mobile reception once you’re within the canyon, so prepare accordingly with plenty of water and snacks.

Tayeb Al-Ism


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Turquoise seas, white sands and sheer rock faces combine in this natural wonder on the Gulf of Aqaba, in the province of Tabuk. Named ‘The Valley of Moses’, this spectacular 600-metre-high canyon looks as though it has been cleaved apart by some almighty force. Hike in the shade of the mountains, taking the wooden pedestrian bridge to the other side.

Al Hada Mountain


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With an elevation of 2,000 metres above sea level, this lofty locale is a favourite summer destination, thanks to its cooler weather and clean air. Get your thrills driving the hairpin turns on the snaking roadways, enjoy a picnic at the summit of Dakkat Halawani, or take the cable car from Al-Kurr escarpment down to Makkah.

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