Find out why Saudi Arabians are rushing to travel to Al Bahar

More than 120,000 people have travelled to Al Bahar since Covid-19 restrictions eased…

Al Bahar has long been a favourite summer destination for Saudi Arabians. Located in the kingdom’s south-west, the region has been dubbed the “pearl of resorts”, thanks to its natural beauty, heritage sites and cooler climate.

Surrounded by more than 40 forests and towering mountain ranges, Al Bahar boasts summer temperatures in the range of 22°C to 27°C. So, it’s not surprising that locals have been flocking to this popular holiday spot.

Since Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed for domestic trips on June 21, some 120,000 people have travelled to Al Bahar.

“Elements of visitor attractions in Al Bahar include the diverse geographical features, the moderate weather, rich verdure and seasonal fruits,” the mayor of the region Ali Al Suwat told Saudi newspaper Okaz, adding that the region’s lush valleys and forests are prime attractions for nature lovers.

If you’re planning to travel to Al Bahar, here are three things to do in this cool destination.

Visit the Raghadan Forest


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There are more than 40 forests surrounding Al Bahar, but the one that should be at the top of your to-do list is Raghadan Forest. Covering 600,000 square metres, this verdant area is a popular destination for hiking. It also offers plenty of playgrounds for children, and stalls selling snacks.

Explore the marble village of Dhee Ayn


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Built on top of a white marble hill, the 400-year-old village of Dhee Ayn looks like it’s been plucked from the pages of a fairy tale. The teetering stone buildings rise up to seven storeys high, with narrow alleyways weaving between them. The hill is surrounded by lush plantations filled with banana trees, wildlife, and a bubbling spring, making the drive to this heritage destination equally spectacular. When you travel to Al Bahar, this is one destination you cannot miss.

Take in the views from Baljurashi


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Dubbed ‘the land of 1001 watchtowers’, this mountainous region is peppered with qasabas (stone lookouts or keeps). The park at Baljureshi offers incredible views of the Sarawat Mountains and Tihama plain, some 2,000 metres below. Baljureshi is located 30 kilometres from the city of Al Bahar.

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