Review: Meraki home delivery in Riyadh

Treat yourself to modern Greek cuisine from the comfort of your living room…

Just when the popular London restaurant Meraki announced its grand opening in Riyadh last month, the government declared a series of Covid-19 precautionary measures, including suspension of dine-in services in restaurants and cafes.

But here’s the good news: For those hankering after a little decadence, the luxurious Greek restaurant is now offering the best of its kitchen for home delivery via Jahez, Lugmety and The Chefz.

Although not all of the items on the restaurant’s menu are available on the delivery platforms, Meraki at Home service still offers a slice of the good stuff to tide us over. The delivery arrives about an hour after we’ve placed our order, and we are pleasantly surprised by how each dish turns up neatly packaged and well presented.


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Presentation aside, the food is excellent. We kick things off with the refreshingly simple Mykonian Greek salad – sweet tomatoes and chunks of herby feta mixed with cucumber, olives, pepper, onion, chervil and croutons.

The Kopanisti dip made up of barrel-aged feta, roasted red peppers, chives, and smoked paprika is full of flavour and packs a punch. Perfect with its soft, warm pita bread.


The crowning accomplishment is the Pastitsio – thick ribbons of perfectly al dente Paccheri pasta with a rich and hearty wagyu beef ragu and drizzled with a light and frothy Graviera cheese sauce topped with truffles. It looks delicate, but the ragu-cheese-truffle combo is a thud of indulgence – delicious enough to slightly regret its small portion but rich enough to be slightly relieved about it.

The salted sea bream fillets drenched in luscious juices of olive oil and lemon and served with tender, earthy kale is also a must. We didn’t think the sea bream and pasta would travel well, especially when they’re doused in sauces, but it seals in the flavour even more.

Other standout dishes include the lamb chops imbued with the dark, smoky flavour of a charcoal grill and the beef fillet kebabs. The tzatziki avocado is also a welcome addition and a condiment that you’ll definitely try to recreate afterwards.

The final highlight of our meal is the bougatsa, a traditional, rustic Greek dessert made with the creamiest custard wrapped in crispy, golden brown phyllo pastry. Trust us… and you won’t regret it.

The spread will transport you straight to a table at Meraki. And for now, this is an excellent substitute for the real deal even though the price may be a bit dear.

Meraki Riyadh, Mutasem Street, 1st floor, The District Al Faisaliah, MMRM+5F, daily 4pm to 11.30pm. Tel: 920 001 050. Order via Jahez, Lugmety or The Chefz. @merakisaudi

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